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Exam AIX Administration V1
Number C9010-022
File Name AIX Administration V1.testinside.C9010-022.2019-02-26.1e.62q.vcex
Size 1.91 Mb
Posted February 26, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which action will temporarily disable remote login access using telnet and ssh for all non-root accounts?

  • A: Stop the sshd subsystem
  • B: Set the PermitLogins parameter in /etc/ssh/sshd_config and recycle the sshd daemon
  • C: Touch the /etc/sshd/nologin file and recycle the sshd daemon
  • D: Update /etc/security/passwd and recycle the inetd subsystem
  • E: Create an /etc/nologin file

Question 2
Given the output below:


What is the likely cause for the error shown?

  • A: ent0 is part of an EtherChannel.
  • B: The SEA providing network connectivity for ent0 is unavailable.
  • C: ent0 is not connected to a switch.
  • D: The network that ent0 accesses is unavailable.

Question 3
An administrator changed an NFS mount point to read/write capability by adding the –rw option in /etc/exports. Clients are still unable to write to the NFS. 
How can this be resolved?

  • A: Unmount and mount the NFS file system on the NFS server
  • B: Issue the refresh –g nfs command on the NFS server
  • C: Use the mount –o rw command on the NFS filesystem on the NFS server
  • D: Run the exportfs –a command on the NFS server

Question 4
What is the best practice when adding a new paging space?

  • A: Make the new paging space larger than the current paging space size
  • B: Add the new paging space to a different disk drive from where the primary paging space resides
  • C: Add the new paging space to the same disk drive where the primary paging space resides
  • D: Make the new paging space smaller than the current paging space size

Question 5
A customer has been creating LPARs on a new POWER8 system. 
After successfully activating the first 10 LPARs, the customer notices that the available RAM on physical machine reported by the HMC has reduced more than the sum of the memory currently allocated to the activated LPARs. 
The Customer appreciates there will be a memory overhead for each activated LPAR, but the overhead appears more than expected. 
Which LPAR attribute is the likely cause for the excess in memory consumption?

  • A: Active memory expansion factor
  • B: Maximum Virtual Adapters
  • C: Maximum memory
  • D: Maximum pages

Question 6
Given the output below:

What is the purpose of the ent5 interface?

  • A: Monitors packet headers and creates the appropriate default routes
  • B: Provides a logical network using the IEEE 802.1Q standard
  • C: Enables primary and backup EtherChannel adapter failover monitoring
  • D: Allows the use of a IPv4 alias within the same subnet as the base adapter

Question 7
The following output shows that a logical volume was renamed, but the change does not appear to be effective. 

What is the most likely cause?

  • A: Only raw logical volumes can be renamed.
  • B: The command did not perform the change.
  • C: The log device needs to be renamed as well.
  • D: The filesystem needs to be remounted.

Question 8
An AIX LPAR has been saved using the mksysb command to a file called LPAR1_mksysb located in the /backup directory. 
Which command displays the contents of the mksysb backup?

  • A: backup –i –v –f /backup/LPAR1_mksysb
  • B: restore qf /backup/LPAR1_mksysb
  • C: mksysb –v –f /backup/LPAR1_mksysb
  • D: listvgbackup -f /backup/LPAR1_mksysb

Question 9
How does PowerSC simplify security compliance and strengthen security?

  • A: By integrating with IBM X-Force to receive security updates
  • B: By encrypting SRIOV adapter traffic
  • C: By providing trusted system extensions
  • D: By creating central repository of users

Question 10
A customer has a virtualized system using Virtual I/O Server with multiple client partitions accessing the SAN using NPIV? 
Which command on the client partition should be run to retrieve the network address of the fiber adapter?

  • A: lscfg-vp –l fcs0
  • B: lspci –vafcsi | grep “Network Address”
  • C: lspath –npiv fcs0 | grep “Network Address”
  • D: lsdev | grep fcs0



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