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Exam Foundations of IBM DevOps V1
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Posted September 18, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What action does the IBM Bluemix Garage Method Learn phase recommend to continuously experiment?

  • A: hold playbacks
  • B: run A/B tests
  • C: automate unit tests
  • D: leverage IBM Design Thinking

Question 2
As organizations mature their DevOps adoption, they must seek to embrace a culture which does what? 

  • A: hold stand-ups with the entire development organization
  • B: encourages collaboration
  • C: encourages segregation of duties
  • D: keeps test results confidential

Question 3
What does IBM mean by an evolutionary DevOps transformation?

  • A: DevOps solutions are primarily targeted at addressing the needs of cloud-native teams.
  • B: Cloud ready teams adopt cloud-native practices, resulting in a multi-speed IT environment.
  • C: A set of identified innovation teams are going through a disruptive transformation, with a complete new set of processes/practices and a new DevOps toolchain.
  • D: Companies optimize time to market and introduce cultural change.

Question 4
What is a business benefit of continuous deployment?

  • A: reduced time to market
  • B: increased collaboration between business, IT and operations
  • C: deployment automation
  • D: reduced need for compliance

Question 5
Which concept in the Spotify Model is used to identify a collections of Squads within the same business area?

  • A: Chapter
  • B: Legion
  • C: Tribe
  • D: Guild 

Question 6
Which statement describes the benefits of implementing continuous delivery? 

  • A: Continuous delivery helps to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and enhanced usability.
  • B: Continuous delivery improves faster time to market, increased usability of systems, and improved customer satisfaction.
  • C: With continuous delivery a better product can be delivered with higher quality at a lower cost.
  • D: Implementing continuous delivery helps to seize new markets, establishes operational teams and reduce operational complexity.

Question 7
A large established bank is using Agile in some projects and areas. Now they want to scale Agile and DevOps to the entire organization (2000 developers). 
Which development approach should they use to scale DevOps and Agile?

  • A: Spiral Development Model
  • B: Incremental Scaled Model
  • C: V-Model
  • D: SAFe

Question 8
Which statement best describes DevOps?

  • A: DevOps is an approach that promotes closer collaboration between lines of business, development and IT operations. It is an enterprise capability that enables the continuous delivery, continuous deployment and continuous monitoring of applications.
  • B: DevOps is an approach that promotes siloed operations, clearly delineating scope of responsibilities between development and operations teams. It is an enterprise capability that ensures development middleware is physically isolated from operational software.
  • C: DevOps is an approach to IT operations which embeds development tools in the PaaS stack during cloud provisioning. It is an enterprise capability that enables automated provisioning for databases, application servers, and development tooling.
  • D: DevOps is a set of tooling that development teams use to ensure operational capabilities inclusive of usage and metering are built into cloud-native applications. 
    It is an enterprise capability that enables continuous billing, continuous availability, and continuous metering of applications.

Question 9
What are three sub-components of incident management? (Choose three.)

  • A: event correlation
  • B: dashboards
  • C: orchestration
  • D: strategy
  • E: root cause analysis
  • F: notification

Question 10
Why are open standards important when adopting DevOps?

  • A: They allow companies to remove all commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software across the enterprise.
  • B: They allow companies to develop all their applications for free.
  • C: They support the goals of interoperability, reduced risk, and flexibility in IT service development.
  • D: They support the goals of reduced security exposures, ensures regulatory compliance, and provides standards every vendor supports.


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