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Exam DB2 11 System Administrator for z/OS
Number C2090-317
File Name IBM.testbells.C2090-317.2018-06-02.1e.35q.vcex
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Posted June 04, 2018


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Demo Questions

Question 1

Which utility can be used to reset the copy-pending status?

  • B: DSNJU003
Question 2

What will occur if the parameter PAGE PROTECT is set to YES?

  • A: MSTR log buffers (OUTBUFF) will be placed in page-protected storage.
  • B: IRLM is to load its common storage modules into page-protected storage.
  • C: DIST buffers related to TCPIP connectivity are loaded into page-protected storage.
  • D: DBM1 pages belonging to a buffer pool defined with PGFIX(YES) will be placed in page-protected
Question 3

The ALTER BUFFERPOOL command specifying the AUTOSIZE(YES) option enables DB2 to use WLM services to fine tune the buffer pools. 
What is the result of issuing this ALTER?

  • A: The immediate write threshold can be increased by 25%.
  • B: A pool size can be increased by up to 25% over original pool size.
  • C: The pool size can be increased in 25% increments base on sequential read hit ratio.
  • D: Depending on the type of I/O performed, pool size can be increased or decreased.
Question 4

Which method can be used to set the DB2 client information (workstation name, application name..) from a JDBC application using a type 4 connection?

  • A: Using the java.sql.Connection.setClientlnfo method
  • B: Using the SET_CLIENT_ID option during RRS SIGNON
  • C: Using the SQL SET statement (eg. SET CURRENT CLIENT J/VRKSTNNAME = 'MYWS*)
  • D: Setting up a profile using the SPECIAL_REGISTER attribute in SYSIBM.DSN PROFILE ATTRIBUTES table
Question 5

Which statement regarding migration from DB2 10 for z/OS to DB2 11 for z/OS is true?

  • A: All packages must be rebound with application compatibility set to V10R1.
  • B: The DB2 catalog and directory must be changed to reside on SMS managed DASD.
  • C: All packages last bound prior to DB2 9 for z/OS must be rebound in DB2 10 or DB2 11.
  • D: The size of the DB2 bootstrap datasets must be increased to accommodate a larger LRSN and RBA length.
Question 6

Given a subsystem parameter of SEPARATE_SECURITY=YES, what level of security has the authority to create and start audit policies?

Question 7

A given buffer pool is to be used for sequentially accessed pages only. 
Setting which buffer pool attribute to 0 (zero) will disable parallel processing operations in this buffer pool?

  • A: DWQT
  • B: VDWQT
Question 8

In order to guarantee complete security for your DB2 subsystem, which statement is correct?

  • A: BSDS and catalog VSAM data sets should always be protected by the SYSADM authority.
  • B: BSDS and catalog VSAM data sets should always be protected by the MSTR address space.
  • C: BSDS and catalog VSAM data sets should always be protected by an external security profile.
  • D: BSDS and catalog VSAM data sets should always be protected by the BSDS system privilege
Question 9

Which trace can be helpful in determining the resources involved with locking (i.e. deadlocks, timeouts) at a subsystem level?

  • A: Statistics trace class 1
  • B: Statistics trace class 3
  • C: Accounting trace class 1
  • D: Accounting trace class 3
Question 10

How can conditional restarts affect sequence objects?

  • A: Gaps may exist.
  • B: Duplicate entries will be deleted.
  • C: All values will be reset beginning from 1.
  • D: All values will be reset beginning from 0.