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Exam Managing and Maintaining IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 Environments
Number C2040-926
File Name Managing and Maintaining IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8-5 Environments.Actualtests.C2040-926.2019-04-15.1e.43q.vcex
Size 24 Kb
Posted April 15, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Joe has configured the fault analyzer task to run on the server. He finds that the task is running as intended but the collection database has grown extremely large.  
What can Joe do to reduce the size of the collection database?

  • A: Make a backup copy of the collection database before deleting it and then recreate the collection database.
  • B: Set maximum collection size for the collection database.
  • C: Change “Remove diagnostic files after a specified number of days” to Yes
  • D: Turn off diagnostic collection for clients only.

Question 2
Charlie is preparing an upgrade of the Notes clients and is testing the Smart Upgrade Tracking feature. When he tries to manually initiate a Smart Upgrade he 
receives the error "File Does Not Exist".  
What could be the cause of this error?

  • A: The Smart Upgrade Tracking database is not named “Smart Upgrade Tracking”
  • B: A Desktop Policy is not configured
  • C: The id file is missing from the person document
  • D: The Smart Upgrade Tracking database name is incorrect in the Desktop Policy

Question 3
Linda has configured a Smart Upgrade kit document to be used in conjunction with a desktop policy for tracking purposes. Her test user tries to run Smart Upgrade manually and reports they are getting a "no updates available dialog box and cannot complete the upgrade”. If Linda disables the policy, it works fine.  
What should Linda check in the Smart Upgrade Kit document?

  • A: The Destination version field in the Smart Upgrade kit document matches the Deploy version in the Desktop Settings document
  • B: The upgrade deadline in the desktop policy document has expired
  • C: A kit description is specified
  • D: The desktop policy name is defined properly in the kit document

Question 4
Which one of the following group types is used to prevent access to Domino servers?

  • A: Mail only
  • B: Servers only
  • C: Access Control List only
  • D: Deny list only

Question 5
Carl, the Domino administrator, wishes to migrate users to dynamic policies in his Domino environment.  
Which of the following will occur when he completes this task?

  • A: Groups with each policy name are create and users are assigned to the new group policies
  • B: Policies are added to the necessary person documents and document links are assigned to the policy documents
  • C: Users are added to policy documents and applied policies are removed from their person document
  • D: Policies are removed from the users entirely they reauthenticate and the new dynamic policies are applied

Question 6
After DAOS is enabled and functioning on your Domino server, which of the following occurs when a recipient opens a document with an attachment that is in the DAOS repository?

  • A: Attachment icons do not show and they are replaced with text that describes the attachment and linked to the attachment
  • B: Attachment icons display a doclink to the attachment stored in DAOS
  • C: Attachment icons display the same as it would on a server without DAOS enabled
  • D: Attachment icons display with a link icon over the attachment icon

Question 7
Lotus Notes Traveler server maintains a database with information pertaining to the cluster replicas of the mail files which are being synchronized with a Lotus Notes Traveler client.  
The file name of this database is which of the following?

  • A: Intravcache.ndk
  • B: travcldir.nsf 
  • C: mduserdir.nsf
  • D: ntsclcache.nsf

Question 8
In order to specify connecting hosts to be excluded from blacklist checks, which filter should be utilized?

  • A: Private whitelists
  • B: Public spam lists
  • C: Private blacklists
  • D: Public allow lists

Question 9
A DDM application probe performs which of the following?

  • A: Probes database operations
  • B: Probes agent schedules
  • C: Checks web settings
  • D: Checks server replication

Question 10
Antonio was in the process of registering users for his Domino domain. He had to stop in the middle of creating new users with numerous users left to register.  
What database on his local machine is the list of pending users for registration?

  • A: userreg.nsf
  • B: certlog.nsf
  • C: register.nsf
  • D: usercache.nsf



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