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Exam Power Systems Scale-Up Technical Sales
Number C1000-031
File Name IBM Power Systems Scale-Up Technical Sales.test4prep.C1000-031.2019-02-05.1e.37q.vcex
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Posted February 05, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following is a benefit of the POWER9 processor with Power Enterprise Servers when compared to x86?

  • A: DDR4 Memory
  • B: More cores per socket
  • C: More threads per core
  • D: NVIDIA Tesla V100

Question 2
A customer has a significant investment in open source software for performing in-memory analytics. This workload is currently deployed on Linux and recent x86 hardware. 
What advantage would a POWER9 processor-based server provide this customer?

  • A: Faster ChipKill correction rate
  • B: More cache per core
  • C: More cores per socket
  • D: Faster PCIe bandwidth

Question 3
Due to an emergency situation, a customer needs to activate all processor and memory resources in a Power System E980 for ten days. 
Which of the following could be used to achieve this need with the least possible cost?

  • A: Elastic CoD
  • B: Trial CoD
  • C: Utility CoD
  • D: Static Activation

Question 4
Which component of PowerSC monitors AIX systems, maintains security, and provides alerts when a change to the system violates a configuration policy?

  • A: Trusted Logging
  • B: Real Time Compliance
  • C: Security and Compliance Automation
  • D: Trusted Surveyor

Question 5
What is the advantage of NVMe U.2 flash drives on a Power System E980 SAP HANA BW implementation?

  • A: They can provide internal boot capability for dual VIOS.
  • B: They allow for Live Partition Mobility of HANA databases through CAPI 2.0.
  • C: They can provide AIX Preferred Read storage to reduce SAN latency.
  • D: They can act as an extension to memory for HANA databases.

Question 6
A customer requires that each client partition have access to two different VLANs. VLAN tagging will NOT be used in the environment. 
There will be four client partitions, each of which will be connected to VLAN1 and VLAN2. 
There will be two VIOS. 
Redundant Ethernet connections will be accomplished using the Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA) and dual VIOS. 
What is the minimum number of Ethernet ports that will be required in each VIOS?

  • A: 8
  • B: 4
  • C: 6
  • D: 2

Question 7
A customer with an AIX in-house SMT2 application on POWER6 would like to upgrade to POWER9. The customer would like to know the relative performance of the servers. 
Which resource provides the SMT2 performance of the two systems?

  • A: IBM Performance Management for Power Systems
  • B: IBM Power Systems Performance Report
  • C: IBM Power Systems Facts and Features
  • D: IBM Systems Workload Estimator

Question 8
While migrating from a Power System E880 to a Power System E980, which of the following is automatically provided on both systems?

  • A: PowerVM Standard Edition
  • B: IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager
  • C: PowerVM Enterprise Edition
  • D: IBM Cloud Private

Question 9
Which of the following is an advantage of Power System Servers over Oracle Exadata solutions?

  • A: Support for Flash Drives
  • B: Ability to add cores and memory
  • C: Can run Oracle 12C natively
  • D: Offers a greater quantity of cores for enhanced scaling

Question 10
Which IBM Power Systems Software provides network firewall services with the local virtualized server to control network traffic between LPARs?

  • A: PowerSC
  • B: Trusted AIX
  • C: PowerVC
  • D: Trusted Surveyor



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