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Exam IBM New Workloads Sales
Number C1000-020
File Name IBM New Workloads Sales.PracticeTest.C1000-020.2019-04-05.1e.26q.vcex
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Posted April 05, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A customer wants application consistent restore capabilities. 
Which software should the sales specialist recommend to this customer?

  • A: IBM Spectrum Accelerate
  • B: IBM Spectrum Scale
  • C: IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management
  • D: IBM Spectrum Control

Question 2
Which IBM solution provides simplified management for a heterogeneous block storage environment?

  • A: IBM Spectrum Accelerate
  • B: IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management
  • C: IBM Spectrum Protect Suite
  • D: IBM Virtual Storage Center

Question 3
Which concern should a sales specialist emphasize when proposing a new high availability storage replication solution between two sites?

  • A: Number of hosts attached
  • B: Server speed of models
  • C: WAN connection
  • D: Host attachment protocol of the storage devices

Question 4
In a customer briefing for IBM Flash System 900, the ability to reduce storage capacity using compression is presented as an option to lower hardware costs. 
How should this capability be described?

  • A: It is a compression and deduplication feature.
  • B: It is a standard algorithm for all IBM disk and tape devices.
  • C: It is a licensed function.
  • D: It is primary storage data reduction by using a purpose-built technology.

Question 5
In the event of logical corruption, a customer wants to have application-aware backups of a DB2 database that can be quickly restored. 
Which solution should be recommended? 

  • A: Global Mirror
  • B: Vdisk Mirroring
  • C: IBM Spectrum Control
  • D: IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot

Question 6
A customer has an existing XIV storage environment that is running out of capacity. The customer wants to add a flash storage system that utilize the same grid architecture design and device drivers. 
Which storage solution should be considered?

  • A: IBM DS8886
  • B: IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • C: IBM FlashSystem 900
  • D: IBM FlashSystem A9000R

Question 7
Which IBM PartnerWorld technical resource should a qualified IBM Business Partner use to obtain technical information and competitive comparisons to close a proposal?

  • A: IBM Business Partner Innovation Center
  • B: IBM Techdocs
  • C: IBM DeveloperWorks
  • D: IBM Techline 

Question 8
A customer wants to implement a software-defined storage solution and has existing storage leases that they want to leverage as part of the solution. 
Which IBM SAN Volume Controller license is required?

  • A: Encryption
  • B: Virtualization
  • C: Replication
  • D: Real-time Compression

Question 9
A current IBM Spectrum Scale customer is concerned with the financial impact of a new regulatory requirement that drastically increases the volume and duration of data retention in the existing implementation.  
Which additional IBM solution should the sales specialist discuss to pair with IBM Spectrum Scale?

  • A: IBM Spectrum Archive
  • B: IBM Spectrum NAS
  • C: IBM Spectrum Control
  • D: IBM InfoSphere DataStage

Question 10
A VMware customer has a heterogeneous SAN storage environment including arrays from HDS and IBM. The customer needs to integrate and seamlessly manage, monitor, and report on the entire environment. 
Which storage offering meets this customer’s needs?

  • A: IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management
  • B: IBM Virtual Storage Center
  • C: IBM Spectrum Control
  • D: IBM Spectrum Virtualize



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