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Exam IBM Operational Decision Manager Standard V8.9.1 Application Development
Number C1000-010
File Name IBM Operational Decision Manager Standard V8-9-1 Application Development.test-king.C1000-010.2019-02-20.1e.61q.vcex
Size 1.05 Mb
Posted February 20, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which IRL function needs to be manually migrated to ARL? 

  • A: reset()
  • B: getCurrentTask()
  • C: setMainTask(String)
  • D: TaskInstance.getTask()

Question 2
Why are synchronization connection entries useful?

  • A: To keep the connection open to the Decision Center database.
  • B: To track the state of the synchronization with Decision Center.
  • C: To resolve the conflicts between Rule Designer and Decision Center.
  • D: To enable Rule Designer to connect to Decision Center without user security.

Question 3
Which statement is true regarding the decision service rule project hierarchy?

  • A: A standard rule project can be changed to a main rule project when it is reference by other rule projects.
  • B: Changing a rule project to a main rule project can affect the deployment and synchronization of the project.
  • C: Changing a main rule project to a standard rule project removes the main rule project references to other rule projects.
  • D: Changing a rule project from a standard rule project to a main rule project always requires changes to the way rule projects are referenced.

Question 4
A developer needs to build an asynchronous decision service that can process extremely high transaction volume for a small input request and from an application that is not mission critical. 
Which API offers the fastest throughput, sufficient reliability, and least amount of client side development for this decision service?

  • A: SOAP/XML web service
  • B: REST/JSON web service
  • C: Java Message Service (JMS)
  • D: Remote interface of an EJB rule session

Question 5
Which statement regarding decision services is true?

  • A: The main rule project can be referenced by a XOM for purposes of exposing methods in rules.
  • B: Decision services can be configured through parameters in the properties when rule extractors are used.
  • C: The source rule project for the decision operation determines the rules, variables, and dependent projects that are eligible to be included in the ruleset.
  • D: When a decision service with multiple rule projects is published to Decision Center, standard rule projects are published as source decision service artifacts.

Question 6
What is needed when executing a decision service by posting a REST request?

  • A: ruleset library
  • B: ruleset name
  • C: XOM JAR file
  • D: RuleApp JAR file

Question 7
How would the following business policy be classified? 
The vehicle usage MUST NOT BE Commercial

  • A: Calculation
  • B: Constraint
  • C: Guideline
  • D: Inference

Question 8
How many business rules are captured in the decision table below where the Customer Status and Purchase Amount are condition columns? 


  • A: 4
  • B: 6
  • C: 7
  • D: 8

Question 9
ODM V8.9.1 is being installed on several nodes in silent mode by using a response file. What needs to be included in the response file during installation?

  • A: Sample server port number
  • B: IBM Installation Manager home location
  • C: Repository path for the sample server installation
  • D: Installed WebSphere Application Server home location

Question 10
Which execution algorithm should be used for a rule task with rule task with rule chaining?

  • A: RetePlus
  • B: Fastpath
  • C: Sequential
  • D: Working memory



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