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Exam HCIE-R&S (Written) (Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert-Routing & Switching)
Number H12-261
File Name HCIE-R&S (Written) (Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert-Routing & Switching).CertDumps.H12-261.2021-09-24.1e.300q.vcex
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Posted September 24, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Cross-device link aggregation enables data stream transmission and mutual backup of stack member switches. However, because of the limited bandwidth of stack cables between stack devices, which of the following methods can be used to improve forwarding efficiency?

  • A: Connect stack devices through stack cards
  • B: Enable stack multiple master check function
  • C: Configure stack system MAC address switch
  • D: Enable traffic local priority forwarding

Question 2
About the description of CHAP authentication function in the PPP   protocol, which of the following are correct? (Multiple Choice)

  • A: If the authenticator does not have a username, the password cannot be configured on the authenticated interface.
  • B: Calculate a hash value using the authentication sequence ID, random number, and key by the MD5 algorithm.
  • C: Three-message interactive authentication is required, and the username is transmitted only on the network without transmitted the password.
  • D: The username must be configured under the authenticated interface of CHAP authentication.

Question 3
A switch is running the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP). Upon a topology change, what happens to dynamic entries In the L2 forwarding table?

  • A: Only entries behind the port Where TC was received are removed
  • B: All entries are removed except for those behind edge ports and the port Where TC was received.
  • C: All entries are removed (purged).
  • D: All entries are removed except tor entries behind edge ports.
  • E: The aging timer is set to 15 seconds, so idle entries age out.

Question 4
Which of the following statements is true about the MUX VLAN feature of Huawei switches?

  • A: The MIJX VLAN and the Super VLAN features can be used together on the same VLAN
  • B: The Principal Port can communicate with all ports in the MUX VLAN.
  • C: The Mux VLAN is classified into Principal VLAN and Subordinate VLAN. The Subordinate VLAN is classified into Separate VLAN and Isolate VLAN.
  • D: Each Separate VLAN can be bound to multiple Principal VLANs.

Question 5
When you perform troubleshooting on a LAN deployed with Huawei devices, you find that there is a large number of unicast frames with unknown MAC addresses. What is the biggest risk for the switches?

  • A: Available MAC address table entries in the system Will be consumed.
  • B: Increased power consumption.
  • C: Exhausts memory for buffered frames.
  • D: Exhausts available TCAM entries.
  • E: Exhausts available bandwidth

Question 6
About the description of the process of sending and receiving data frames in the Access mode of the switch interface, which is correct?

  • A: Directly discards when receiving a tagged data frame in Access mode
  • B: Only receive unlabeled data frames in Access mode
  • C: When the data frame enters the switch interface, the switch learns the destination MAC address in the data frame.
  • D: In the Access mode, the VLAN tag of the data frame will be stripped off when sent.

Question 7
In Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), which port provides a backup path to the root bridge and which state should this port be in?

  • A: Root port/listening
  • B: Alternate port/forwarding.
  • C: Alternate port/learning.
  • D: Designated port/learning.
  • E: Alternate port/discarding.

Question 8
Which of the following options may affect the establishment of IBGP neighbors? (Multiple Choice)

  • A: Authentication is unsuccessful.
  • B: The BGP protocol version is inconsistent.
  • C: IBGP-Multi-h0P is not configured.
  • D: IGP routing is unreachable.

Question 9
The following is about the RD attribute filter of BGP, what is the correct description? (Multiple Choice)

  • A: If RD-filter is configured, but the RD of the route does not match any of the RDs defined in the rule, the default match result is Permit.
  • B: The relationship between the rules configured by RD-filter is "or".
  • C: If RD-filter is not configured, but this RD-filter is used for filtering, the matching result is deny.
  • D: Matching multiple rules in the order of configuration.

Question 10
ISIS will elect DIS in the broadcast multi-access network. Which of the following statement about DIS is correct? (Multiple Choice)

  • A: ISIS elects the DIS by comparing the priorities and compares the MAC addresses if the priorities are the same.
  • B: DIS guarantees database synchronization by periodically sending CSNP messages.
  • C: In a broadcast multi-access network, the DIS sends Hello PDUs three times as often.
  • D: DIS supports the preemption function. After the new DIS preemption is successful, you do not need to flood any LSP packets.


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