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Exam Scalable WLAN Design and Implementation (SWDI) 8
Number HPE6-A44
File Name Scalable WLAN Design and Implementation (SWDI) 8.actualtests.HPE6-A44.2018-08-19.1e.44q.vcex
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Posted August 19, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An administrator wants to reduce downtime of the wireless network when controllers are upgraded. Which Aruba OS feature should the administrator implement to reduce the amount of downtime the Aps will experience at the time of the upgrade process?

  • A: Centralized upgrades
  • B: AP apboot mode bypass
  • C: AP fast start
  • D: AP image preload

Question 2
Refer to the exhibit. 


The branch office RAP shown in the exhibit provides secure wireless employee access. Because of security concerns, the company’s security policy does not allow wireless guest access. Some customers that visit the Branch office need Internet access. A RAP’s Ethernet Port 3 is used for wired guest access and Port2 is used for wired employee access. When employees connect to Port2, they are authenticated successfully and split-tunnel policy allows them access to both corporate and Internet resources from the Branch office. Guest users, however, cannot access Internet resources on Port 3. 
How can the administrator provide guest users internet access?

  • A: Implement ClientMatch to handle the employee and guest user traffic correctly.
  • B: Implement the MultiZone feature on the RAP.
  • C: Configure a bridge role for the wired RAP port.
  • D: Create a guest VAP that allows wired RAP port access.

Question 3
Refer to the exhibit. 

An administrator implements the MultiZone feature. The administrator sets up five zones as shown in the exhibit in this configuration:
Zone A has six controllers that form a cluster. 
Zone B has three controllers that from a cluster. 
Zones C, D, and E have a single standalone controller each. 
A total of 13 VAPs are created across the five zones, Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs) in Zones A, B and C run ArubaOS MCs in zones D and E run ArubaOS Some APs do not join their respective data zones. 
What could cause this problem?

  • A: The number of controllers exceeds the maximum for MultiZone.
  • B: The MCs run different versions of the ArubaOS code.
  • C: The number of zones exceeds the maximum for MultiZone.
  • D: The number of VAPs exceeds the maximum for MultiZone.

Question 4
A guest establishes an authenticated wireless session to an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC). The controller uses a ClearPass server for all AAA functions. 
Which AAA component disconnects the user when the guest exceeds their allowed duration?

  • A: RADIUS Change of Authorization
  • B: Active Directory Session Limits
  • C: RADIUS Authorization Profile
  • D: SNMP Disconnect

Question 5
In the WebUI of an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC), where can an administrator generate a tech support file that the Aruba Technical Support team can use to help customers?

  • A: Diagnostics> Technical Support> System Information
  • B: Maintenance> Copy logs> download logs
  • C: Configuration> System> Logging
  • D: Diagnostics>Technical Support> Copy Logs

Question 6
A Microsoft RADIUS server is used to centralize AAA functions by a company. Upon a successful authentication lookup performed by an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC), the administrator wants to have the RADIUS server pass back the correct post-authentication role name that the controller should apply to the user’s traffic. 
Which additional task must the administrator perform for the controller’s configuration to implement this process?

  • A: Install ClearPass’s VSA file on the controller.
  • B: Install Microsoft’s VSA file on the controller.
  • C: Configure the server-derived rules on the controller.
  • D: Enable AAA on the controller.

Question 7
An administrator needs to support Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) in a company’s network. The network infrastructure requires the OpenFlow protocol to support SDN-capable applications. 
Which controller topology meets these requirements?

  • A: Zones
  • B: Standalone Mobility Controller
  • C: Mobility Master-Mobility Controller
  • D: Master_Local

Question 8
Refer to the exhibit. 


An administrator sets up a cluster of Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs). 
What can the administrator determine about the cluster from the command output shown in the exhibit?

  • A: AP load balancing is enabled.
  • B: User load balancing is enabled.
  • C: This is an L2-connected cluster.
  • D: This is an L3-connected cluster.

Question 9
An administrator defines credentials in the Mobility Master> Configuration> System section to configure a Mobility Master (MM). The administrator then accesses AirWave and adds the MM in Monitor-Only mode. The administrator expects AirWave to automatically discover the Aruba Virtual Mobility Controllers (VMCs) also managed by the MM, but does not see these under APs/Devices> New section in AirWave. 
What should the administrator do to solve this problem?

  • A: Enable Automatic Device Authorization for the Group the Mobility Master belongs to in AirWave.
  • B: Define AirWave communication parameters for the Virtual Mobility Controllers on the Mobility Master, and then scan for the Virtual Mobility Controllers in AirWave.
  • C: Define the AirWave communication parameters on the Virtual Mobility Controllers, and then scan for the Virtual Mobility Controllers in AirWave.
  • D: Define AirWave communication parameters for the Virtual Mobility Controllers on the Mobility Master, and have AirWave repoll the Mobility Master.

Question 10
An administrator manages an Aruba wireless network. Users authenticate to the wireless network using PEAP, where their credentials are validated by the controller’s local database. The company purchases Android tablets to use with an inventory tracking system The administrator notices that many of the users of these devices use their normal username and password to authenticate, which allows the tablet to access all resources that the user can access from their wireless computers. This is a security violation. 
Which Aruba Mobility Controller (MC) feature should the administrator configure to restrict tablet access to a web portal for authentication, where an appropriate post-authentication policy can be applied to these tablets?

  • A: AirMatch
  • B: AP fingerprinting
  • C: Server-derived roles
  • D: User-derived rules


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