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Exam Selling Aruba Products and Solutions
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File Name Selling Aruba Products and Solutions.testkings.HPE2-W02.2019-07-25.1e.37q.vcex
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Posted July 25, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A customer is concerned about wireless security, and specifically that employees could introduce malware into the network by visiting disreputable websites. 
Which security feature in Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs) should you emphasize to address this specific concern?

  • A: User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
  • B: Web Content Classification (WCC)
  • C: RF Protect
  • D: Application Visibility and Control

Question 2
What is one key advantage of Aruba wireless solutions as compared to Cisco Meraki solutions?

  • A: Aruba offers cloud subscription-based licensing for all APs while Cisco Meraki requires a significant CAPEX expenditure.
  • B: Aruba offers beamforming in APs to improve wireless coverage while Cisco Meraki Aps does not support any such feature.
  • C: Aruba offers integration with an extensive ecosystem while Cisco Meraki offers little third-party integration.
  • D: Aruba offers one simple choice for management while Cisco Meraki has a confusing array of management options.

Question 3
What is one way that industry analysts recognize Aruba’s leadership in the industry?

  • A: Gartner awarded Aruba the number two spot in five out of six use cases in its 2018 Critical Capabilities for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure report.
  • B: Industry analyst CRN recognizes Aruba primarily for its wireless expertise.
  • C: Industry analysts have praised Aruba for its multiple wired and wireless architectures.
  • D: Gartner has given Aruba the title of market leader in the wireless or wired and wireless LAN Access Magic Quadrant for more than 12 years in a row.

Question 4
Which customer statement indicates that you have an ideal opportunity for selling an Aruba mobile engagement solution?

  • A: “Airports are known for being a hassle, but we want to change this. We would like to give travelers a way to find parking, navigate to their gate on a map, and find deals.”
  • B: “We want to use technology to accelerate student learning, but to achieve this we need a network that gives priority handling to collaboration and multi-media apps.”
  • C: “We are a fast paced game design company, but developers have been complaining about unresponsive applications, and we think that a slow network is to blame.”
  • D: “Our business is ever-expanding and we have added so many new mobile devices and so much wireless equipment that our admins cannot keep track of them. We need a way to simplify management.”

Question 5
You have proposed Aruba 8400 switches as core switches for a customer. The customer is very concerned about the network always being on and has indicated that no maintenance window is permitted even for a core switch software upgrade. What feature of this switch should you explain?

  • A: Backplane stacking
  • B: Network Analytics Engine (NAE)
  • C: Virtual Switching Extension (VSX)
  • D: ArubaOS-CX Python-based APIs

Question 6
A customer is concerned about the performance of the company’s wireless network. What two Aruba features would you emphasize in your discussions with this customer? (Select two.)

  • A: Web Content Classification
  • B: AirMatch
  • C: Deep packet inspection
  • D: Dynamic segmentation
  • E: RFProtect

Question 7
You have already determined that a customer has a distributed enterprise. 
Which question will help qualify the customer for the Aruba SD-Branch solution?

  • A: Do you use a SIEM today, and is it satisfying your needs for scalability and attack detection?
  • B: Have you considered using MPLS to reduce costs?
  • C: How do you access cloud services, and what issues are you seeing with your current router?
  • D: Which branches experience the smallest and highest traffic loads?

Question 8
What business benefit does Aruba AirMatch provide?

  • A: better load balancing and availability for controllers
  • B: enhanced user experience in dense environments
  • C: simpler troubleshooting with AP and client tracking
  • D: better security through matching policies on wireless and wired

Question 9
You have proposed an Aruba wireless solution to a hospital with very high availability requirements for the wireless network. Which feature of Aruba solutions should you explain provides seamless failover and live upgrades for mobility controllers?

  • A: live mobility tracking with Aruba Meridian
  • B: connectivity Health in AirWave or Central
  • C: clustering with ArubaOS 8.x and above
  • D: AirMatch and ClientMatch with Mobility Master (MM)

Question 10
What is a primary difference between Aruba 310 and Aruba 340 Series APs?

  • A: Aruba 340s support higher density deployments that Aruba 310s.
  • B: Aruba 340s support outdoor deployments, and Aruba 310s support indoor ones.
  • C: Aruba 340s support 802.11ac, and Aruba 310s support 802.11b/g/n only.
  • D: Aruba 340s support 802.11ax, and Aruba 310s support 802.11ac.


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