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Exam Selling Aruba Products and Solutions
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A customer needs a network infrastructure upgrade. 
Which characteristic should you use as the primary deciding factor between proposing HPE OfficeConnect or Aruba solutions?

  • A: whether the customer requires 802.11ac
  • B: the company vertical
  • C: the company size and number of users
  • D: whether the customer requires wired or wireless access

Question 2
A customer is concerned about wireless security, and specifically that employees could introduce malware into the network by visiting disreputable websites. 
Which security feature in Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs) should you emphasize to address this specific concern?

  • A: User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
  • B: Web Content Classification (WCC)
  • C: RF Protect
  • D: Application Visibility and Control

Question 3
What is one key advantage of Aruba wireless solutions as compared to Cisco Meraki solutions?

  • A: Aruba offers cloud subscription-based licensing for all APs while Cisco Meraki requires a significant CAPEX expenditure.
  • B: Aruba offers beamforming in APs to improve wireless coverage while Cisco Meraki Aps does not support any such feature.
  • C: Aruba offers integration with an extensive ecosystem while Cisco Meraki offers little third-party integration.
  • D: Aruba offers one simple choice for management while Cisco Meraki has a confusing array of management options.

Question 4
A mid-sized customer is having trouble deciding between in a controllerless Aruba solution and a controller-based one. What can you explain to the customer about how Aruba protects the company’s investment?

  • A: The same Aruba APs can be deployed in controllerless Instant mode and then later changed to controlled mode.
  • B: Aruba offers a buy-back program for controllerless Instant APs, making it cost effective to later deploy controlled APs.
  • C: There is no difference in features and capabilities between a controllerless and controller-based Aruba solution.
  • D: Aruba uses a cloud subscription-based licensing model for controllerless APs, and these licenses can be upgraded to controller licenses.

Question 5
What is one way that industry analysts recognize Aruba’s leadership in the industry?

  • A: Gartner awarded Aruba the number two spot in five out of six use cases in its 2018 Critical Capabilities for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure report.
  • B: Industry analyst CRN recognizes Aruba primarily for its wireless expertise.
  • C: Industry analysts have praised Aruba for its multiple wired and wireless architectures.
  • D: Gartner has given Aruba the title of market leader in the wireless or wired and wireless LAN Access Magic Quadrant for more than 12 years in a row.

Question 6
You have proposed Aruba 8400 switches as core switches for a customer. The customer is very concerned about the network always being on and has indicated that no maintenance window is permitted even for a core switch software upgrade. What feature of this switch should you explain?

  • A: Backplane stacking
  • B: Network Analytics Engine (NAE)
  • C: Virtual Switching Extension (VSX)
  • D: ArubaOS-CX Python-based APIs

Question 7
What correctly describes the addressable market for SD-WAN and the opportunity that it presents?

  • A: While the SD-WAN market experienced rapid growth over the past 5 years, the market is now slowing down and experiencing a small reduction in growth.
  • B: While the SD-WAN market is much smaller than the campus switching and WLAN market in absolute value, the SD-WAN market is growing more rapidly.
  • C: The SD-WAN market is experiencing slow growth at rates comparable to the campus and switching market as a whole, and it should peak in the next 5 years.
  • D: The SD-WAN market is experiencing very rapid growth and will overtake the campus switching and WLAN markets in absolute value within the next 2 years.

Question 8
What business benefit does Aruba AirMatch provide?

  • A: better load balancing and availability for controllers
  • B: enhanced user experience in dense environments
  • C: simpler troubleshooting with AP and client tracking
  • D: better security through matching policies on wireless and wired

Question 9
Which aspect of the Aruba 360 Secure Fabric uses machine learning to detect attacks and malicious behavior on the inside of the network?

  • A: Aruba IntroSpect
  • B: Aruba Mobility Master
  • C: Aruba ClearPass
  • D: Aruba VisualRF

Question 10
What is an advantage of the Aruba Software Platform? (Select two.)

  • A: It makes the underlying infrastructure smarter, helping to deliver contextual experiences for end users and line-of-business teams.
  • B: It uses proprietary technologies that prevent third-party integration, providing more sales opportunities for Aruba.
  • C: It embeds the ArubaOS-CX Network Analytics Engine (NAE) into all wired and wireless infrastructure to improve security.
  • D: It is the industry’s first WLAN software platform that offers exclusive cloud deployment so that customers have a single simple choice.
  • E: It is programmable, with an API-first design that helps to encourage automation and integration.


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