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Exam Selling HPE Enterprise Solutions
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Posted July 24, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
How does the trend of customers moving to cloud solutions increase your sales opportunities?

  • A: You can offer a promotion in which you buy back customers’ infrastructure in return for a discount on HPE public cloud services.
  • B: You can better focus on selling customers traditional infrastructure in the areas unaffected by cloud, compute and storage.
  • C: You can warn customers ofthe dangers of implementing cloud services, winning a role as a trusted advisor.
  • D: You can offer hybrid solution that keeps some workloads on-premise, based on the customers’ unique needs.

Question 2
Your customer has told you that the company is considering purchasing IBM servers. What should you know about IBM servers before talking to this customer about HPE servers?

  • A: IBM has portfolio gaps because the company is focused on storage, rather than servers.
  • B: IBM has divested its x86platforms, which demonstrates a lack of commitment to the server market.
  • C: IBM still has a mainframe mentally so the company does not understand the server market.
  • D: IBM does not have expertise in providing solutions for the enterprise because it focuses on mid-market and small businesses.

Question 3
Which discovery question best reveals your customer’s need for an HPE storage-performance solution?

  • A: How long do you retain data in storage?
  • B: Do you know how big your datacenter’s footprint is?
  • C: Does your current storage meet the performance and capacity trajectory you desire?
  • D: What percent of OPEX is spent on maintaining and licensing legacy IT?

Question 4
The CIO of a mid-sized company tells you that the company’s line of business managers are frustrated that IT takes months to roll out applications. The CIO wants to know what Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) offers to accelerate the application delivery lifecycle. How do HPE Helion CloudSystem solutions address this issue?

  • A: They use the popular Amazon Web Services developer tools for all private and public cloud application development.
  • B: They offer proprietary code that helps developers create applications for both cloud and traditional data center environments.
  • C: They enable rapid application delivery so enterprises can keep pace with the increasing number of applications released each year.
  • D: They require customers to engage with HPE Services, which provides the expertise required to move traditional applications to the republic cloud so enterprise can consolidate applications.

Question 5
Which of these descriptions of a customer’s current IT infrastructure indicates a need to transform to a hybrid infrastructure?

  • A: Manual processes
  • B: Better than average return on investment
  • C: Optimized for scalability
  • D: Efficient data center operations

Question 6
Which customers are good prospects for HPE storage? (select two).

  • A: The customer needs a plan to prevent dataloss at branch offices.
  • B: The customer does not have complete visibility into virtualized apps, traffic, server locations, and security.
  • C: The customer has difficulty keeping up with the need to provide mobile access for employees, partners, and visitors.
  • D: The customer is experiencing project delays and difficulty meeting service level agreements (SLAs) due to manual processes for varying devices.
  • E: The customer has outsourced disaster recovery to a third-party company, which has provided thecompanywith a well-documentation plan.

Question 7
The need for greater agility is creating a need for a new role for IT. What is one way that IT’s role is changing?

  • A: IT plays a supportive role in the background.
  • B: IT needs to plan more extensively before making any changes.
  • C: IT now makes most purchasing decisions on its own.
  • D: IT provides a competitive advantage for the company.

Question 8
Match the decision maker with one of their primary goals for IT solutions:

Question 9
Which competitive advantages does HPE networking offer for workplace productivity solutions?

  • A: HPE networking is the only vendor that can unify LAN and SAN networks to simplify infrastructure management.
  • B: HPE networking provides proprietary quality of service (QoS) features that significantly increase performance of unified communications (UC) across HPE wired and wireless infrastructure devices.
  • C: HPE networking is the only vendorto providewireless access points that support 802.11 ac, providing Gigabit Wi-Fi.
  • D: HPE networking solutions are the industry’s only campus solutions that deliver everything customers need for mobility, BYOD, and Unified Communications.

Question 10
If a customer mentions that the company needs a private cloud, what else could you suggest as part of that solution?

  • A: Applications that turn infrastructure devices into security-enforcement devices
  • B: A non-virtualized server solution
  • C: A siloed network infrastructure
  • D: A more agile, hybrid infrastructure


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