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Exam Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions
Number HPE0-S56
File Name Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions.TestSimulate.HPE0-S56.2021-04-24.1e.140q.vcex
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Posted April 24, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which component of HPE iLO provides continuous monitoring of more than 1600 parameters?

  • A: insight Diagnostics
  • B: Active Health System
  • C: Insight Remote Support
  • D: Silicon root of trust

Question 2
A customer needs to centralize their backup environment for their branch office They plan to use HPE StoreOnce with catalyst.
What should they implement within their backups software to minimize the network load on the remote site?

  • A: source-side deduplication
  • B: target-side deduplication
  • C: thin provisioning
  • D: native compression

Question 3
You are discussing storage types with a customer that is configuring their NAS solution. The company's application developers use user-generated media and image files. 
For which type of data should this customer use file storage?

  • A: Mass storage
  • B: Microsoft Exchange database
  • C: Server boot volumes
  • D: VDI applications

Question 4
A fast-growing customer with a NAS-based storage solution is evaluating Fibre Channel storage for their VMware environment. 
How would this customer benefit from adding 16 Gb Fibre Channel storage to their environment? (Choose two.)

  • A: increased performance
  • B: simplified connectivity
  • C: increased simplicity
  • D: reduced latency  
  • E: simplified administration

Question 5
A customer has implemented an HPE ProLiant server with internal storage and needs to monitor the array health status. 
Which management application can the customer use to discover errors quickly and minimize the possible downtime?

  • A: Insight Online
  • B: Smart Storage Administrator
  • C: Intelligent Management Center 
  • D: InfoSight

Question 6
A customer requires a software-defined storage solution. Which storage solution meets the customer's needs?

  • A: HPE MSA
  • B: HPE StoreVirtual VSA
  • C: HPE 3PAR StoreServ
  • D: HPE Nimble Storage

Question 7
A customer is configuring their SAN. Which types of data typically require block storage? (Choose two.)

  • A: Windows 2016 file server role
  • B: Microsoft Exchange
  • C: Oracle database
  • D: Bridgehead medical image archive
  • E: Enterprise Vault email archive

Question 8
You are creating an internal array on an HPE ProLiant server. What can you do to maximize the storage space efficiency?

  • A: Populate drive bays with the smallest-capacity drive first.
  • B: Install drives that have the same capacity.
  • C: Match the device numbers for the drives with their bay numbers.
  • D: Populate drive bays with the largest-capacity drive first. 

Question 9
Which statement is true regarding configuring memory in an HPE ProLiant server?

  • A: LRDIMMS in 64 GB and 128 GB can be mixed.
  • B: RDIMM and LRDIMMs can be mixed in one system.
  • C: Different capability DIMMs of the same speed can be mixed.
  • D: The first CPU memory channel must be fully populated before the second.

Question 10
You are installing HPE ProLiant servers into a rack that will be fully loaded. You also need to install four power distribution units (PDUs) in the rack. 
How should you install the PDUs to maximize power distribution and space efficiency?

  • A: at the top of the rack with the cables running between the RETMA rails
  • B: horizontally on extension bars mounted directly to the frame for improved clearance
  • C: in the bottom bay of the rack with the outlets facing the front
  • D: vertically, side by side on both sides of the rack with the outlets facing the center


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