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Exam Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions
Number HPE0-S56
File Name Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions.pass4sureexam.HPE0-S56.2019-07-16.1e.30q.vcex
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Posted July 16, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A customer has an application that consumes 500 GB storage and requires an RTO and PRO of 15 minutes. 
Which backup and recovery technology enables the customer to meet their requirements in the most cost-effective manner?

  • A: offsite tape backup
  • B: remote storage replication
  • C: log shipping
  • D: disk-to-disk appliance

Question 2
A customer is planning an upgrade to their network infrastructure. They want to move to an open networking solution, and they want to install a network switch that supports their choice of network operating system. 
Which HPE product family will meet the customer’s needs?

  • A: Altoline
  • B: FlexFabric
  • C: Arista
  • D: Aruba

Question 3
A customer has implemented an HPE ProLiant server with internal storage and needs to monitor the array health status. 
Which management application can the customer use to discover errors quickly and minimize the possible downtime?

  • A: Insight Online
  • B: Smart Storage Administrator
  • C: Intelligent Management Center
  • D: InfoSight

Question 4
You are working in a data center with multiple servers and need to update the iLO 5 user names and passwords on a regular basis. 
Which tool enables you to streamline and automate this process?

  • A: Central Management Console
  • B: iLO Amplifier Pack
  • C: Agentless Management
  • D: RESTful API

Question 5
You are installing an HPE ProLiant server that has a shared network port for iLO and NIC teaming. You need to ensure that you can still access iLO after configuring the NIC team. 
Which teaming technology should you configure?

  • A: round robin
  • B: switch-assisted load balancing
  • C: receive load balancing
  • D: network fault tolerance

Question 6
You are installing an HPE StoreOnce backup system in a customer’s environment. They need a simple and cost-effective method to centralize and automate the backup of multiple servers (file, virtualization, database). They also need the ability to integrate with an existing third-party backup software. 
How must you configure the StoreOnce system to meet the customer’s requirements?

  • A: block device
  • B: replication target
  • C: NDMP target
  • D: VTL device

Question 7
You plan to perform maintenance on several systems in a rack. You need to ensure that the rack does not tip when you are working on the equipment. 
What should you use?

  • A: stabilizer kit
  • B: lockable casters
  • C: adjustable depth frame
  • D: leveling feet

Question 8
You are troubleshooting an HPE ProLiant rack-mount server. You need to run diagnostic tests on local storage. 
Which HPE tool should you use?

  • A: iLO
  • B: Intelligent Management Center
  • C: Smart Storage Administrator
  • D: OneView

Question 9
What should you install with a server for a customer who may need to perform maintenance on the server while it is the rack? (Select two.)

  • A: Cable Management Arm (CMA)
  • B: redundant PDUs
  • C: high performance fan kit
  • D: rack stabilization kit
  • E: blanking panels

Question 10
A customer needs to enable HPE Proactive Care and automated case creation for server hardware failures in their OneView environment. 
Which step do you need to complete in OneView to accomplish these tasks?

  • A: Enable remote support from the Settings page.
  • B: Apply the OneView Advanced monitoring license.
  • C: Add the hosts to the managed devices group.
  • D: Configure proactive scan reports.


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