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Exam Creating HP Software-defined Networks
Number HP2-Z31
File Name HP.Real-exams.HP2-Z31.v1.2017-12-16.1e.90q.vcex
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Posted December 16, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A company has an IRF-based, 2-tier FlexFabric architecture in its data center. The company is now increasing the amount of server virtualization and also adding more redundant connections across the network infrastructure backbone. Which benefit does software-defined networking (SDN) provide for this FlexFabric solution?

  • A: SDN applications can extend the virtual switches inside hosts into the control plane of multiple physical infrastructure devices.
  • B: SDN can help core routing switches handle more routing table entries without sacrificing performance.
  • C: SDN extends the SNMP MIBs to include MIBs for virtual switches.
  • D: SDN applications can help to provision network connectivity for virtual machines and to forward traffic across complex meshes of links

Question 2
What are challenges when selecting traffic from UC&C soft devices for marking, in order to apply the appropriate prioritization? (Select two.)

  • A: UC&C traffic uses dynamic port numbers.
  • B: UC&C traffic is not peer-to-peer
  • C: UC&C traffic is routable.
  • D: UC&C traffic uses well-known port numbers.
  • E: UC&C traffic can share a port, mac, and VLAN combination with non-UC&C traffic.

Question 3
What are the addressing requirements for an HP VAN SDN Controller team?

  • A: A team requires two IP addresses for each controller, plus one IP address assigned to the team.
  • B: A team requires one IP address for each controller, plus one IP address assigned to the team.
  • C: A team requires one IP address, and members communicate using their MAC addresses.
  • D: A team requires one IP address for each controller; each is configured with the same multicast address.

Question 4
What is one benefit of a software-defined networking (SDN) solution for a WAN?

  • A: SDN applications can automatically deploy key services on branch zl or MSR modules in case of a failed WAN connection.
  • B: SDN applications provide a remote connection to servers so that remote IT staff can identify and resolve issues.
  • C: SDN applications provide a graphical interface for scripting CLI commands for multiple branches at once.
  • D: SDN applications can adjust WAN bandwidth provisioning granularly, dynamically, and intelligently.

Question 5
Which OpenFlow version introduces multiple flow tables?

  • A: 1.0
  • B: 1.1
  • C: 1.2
  • D: 1.3

Question 6
An administrator wants to secure the connection between an HP Provision switch and HP VAN SDN Controller. What is the recommended approach to securing the OpenFlow messages?

  • A: Use CA-signed certificates on an HP VAN SDN Controller and the HP Provision switches, and then use TLS to secure communication.
  • B: Use OpenFlow message type 5 on the auxiliary channel to secure OpenFlow messages.
  • C: Use an IPsec VPN between the HP Provision switch and the HP VAN SDN Controller to secure OpenFlow messages.
  • D: Use self-signed certificates on an HP VAN SDN Controller and the HP Provision switches, and then use TLS to secure communication.

Question 7
A customer has a network consisting of 90 switches running OpenFlow 1.0. High Availability is not required as a hybrid network is being used. Which license types does the customer need to purchase? (Select two.)

  • A: HP VAN SDN Ctrl 100-node E-LTU
  • C: HP VAN SDN Ctrl Base SWw/ 100-node E-LTU
  • D: HP VAN SDN Ctrl Base SW w/ 50-node E-LTU
  • E: HP VAN SDN Ctrl 50-node E-LTU

Question 8
An SDN developer wants to develop a new OpenFlow proactive application using the HP VAN SDN Controller. The controller is configured with IP address and is using release 2.0. The developer is unsure of the REST APIs available on the controller. 
To which URL should you recommend the developer navigate?

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:

Question 9
A customer wants to deploy an HP ProVision-based network with laptops daisy chained to physical IP phones. 
The customer also wants the laptop traffic to be managed by OpenFlow, while the phones use traditional QoS. 
Which OpenFlow switch instance configuration option should the customer use?

  • A: QoS passthrough
  • B: Aggregate
  • C: Virtualization
  • D: Passive

Question 10
What is an advantage of using the HP Network Optimizer SDN application with UC&C applications rather than just the SDN applications?

  • A: It enables the QoS trust boundary to be shifted to the switch.
  • B: It enables the UC&C Client to select the UC&C application server optimally located for them.
  • C: It removes the need for queuing.
  • D: It enables QoS verification for BYOD.


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