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Exam HP Document Solutions Technical Fundamentals (LAR)
Number HP2-B129
File Name HP.CertDumps.HP2-B129.2018-07-24.1e.26q.vcex
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Posted August 08, 2018


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Demo Questions

Question 1

What is the difference between the Windows XPS print path and the Windows GDI print path?

  • A: The Windows XPS print path is the original Windows print path, while the Windows GDI print path is new since Windows Vista was announced.
  • B: The Windows GDI print path is for photos and other graphics, while the Windows XPS print path is only for text.
  • C: The Windows GDI print path is designed for HP PCL6 drivers, while the Windows XPS print path is designed for HP PCL 5 drivers.
  • D: The Windows GDI print path is the original Windows print path, while the Windows XPS print path is new since Windows Vista was announced.
Question 2

What is a configuration template?

  • A: stored device settings that HP Web Jetadmin can apply to other devices
  • B: stored HP Web Jetadmin settings that can be reapplied if HP Web Jetadmin is reinstalled.
  • C: stored discovery parameters to customize the discovery process
  • D: a checklist of device settings to help the administrator with consistency
Question 3

What does direct IP printing do?

  • A: encrypts the contents of the print job
  • B: eliminates the need for a print server
  • C: enables printing from only one client
  • D: prints only in black and white
Question 4

Which types of faxing are supported on HP MFPs?

  • A: external modems, wireless fax, and SMS fax
  • B: internal modems, Internet fax, and LAN fax
  • C: SMTP fax, SNMP fax, and HP Web Jetadmin
  • D: EWS fax, control panel fax, and WinFax
Question 5

Which technology is included in HP LaserJet Enterprise flow products?

  • A: HP EveryPage
  • B: personal HP flatbed scanners
  • C: HP Photosmart printers and digital cameras
  • D: HP Digital Sending Software
Question 6

What does the IT world commonly call the print server?

  • A: HP Universal Print Driver
  • B: Adobe PostScript
  • C: Microsoft Server 2003
  • D: Microsoft print architecture
Question 7

What is the Extensible Markup Language (XML)?

  • A: a language used by printers to draw objects
  • B: a machine language that software developers use to create software
  • C: a markup language that defines rules for encoding documents for humans and machines to read
  • D: a language used to reproduce print jobs as link or toner on paper or other media
Question 8

What is the new standard of print job rendering?

  • A: client side rendering
  • B: intra-device rendering
  • C: inter-device rendering
  • D: server side rendering
Question 9

What is one of the first steps in the Windows GDI printing path that must occur before printing?

  • A: The print driver contacts the printing device and associates with it.
  • B: The Windows application obtains information from the printing device about the device‚Äôs capabilities.
  • C: The Windows operating system launches a device discovery operation over the network to find available printers.
  • D: The user logs in to the Windows operating system and to the printing device.
Question 10

What is the Printer Job Language (PJL)?

  • A: a print job data set that powers the on printer
  • B: a localization setting for the printer
  • C: a set of instructions that define print job settings
  • D: an Adobe language accessory for the printer