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Vendor: Fortinet
Exam Code: NSE4_FGT-6.0
Exam Name: Fortinet NSE4 - FortiOS 6.0
Date: Nov 06, 2019
File Size: 7 MB

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Demo Questions

Question 1
What files are sent to FortiSandbox for inspection in flow-based inspection mode?
  1. All suspicious files that do not have their hash value in the FortiGuard antivirus signature database.
  2. All suspicious files that are above the defined oversize limit value in the protocol options.
  3. All suspicious files that match patterns defined in the antivirus profile.
  4. All suspicious files that are allowed to be submitted to FortiSandbox in the antivirus profile.
Correct answer: C
Question 2
Which statements about a One-to-One IP pool are true? (Choose two.)
  1. It is used for destination NAT.
  2. It allows the fixed mapping of an internal address range to an external address range.
  3. It does not use port address translation.
  4. It allows the configuration of ARP replies.
Correct answer: CD
Question 3
Which of the following FortiGate configuration tasks will create a route in the policy route table? (Choose two.)
  1. Static route created with a Named Address object
  2. Static route created with an Internet Services object
  3. SD-WAN route created for individual member interfaces
  4. SD-WAN rule created to route traffic based on link latency
Correct answer: BD
Question 4
A company needs to provide SSL VPN access to two user groups. The company also needs to display different welcome messages on the SSL VPN login screen for both user groups. 
What is required in the SSL VPN configuration to meet these requirements?
  1. Different SSL VPN realms for each group.
  2. Two separate SSL VPNs in different interfaces mapping the same ssl.root.
  3. Two firewall policies with different captive portals.
  4. Different virtual SSL VPN IP addresses for each group.
Correct answer: A
Question 5
An administrator is investigating a report of users having intermittent issues with browsing the web. The administrator ran diagnostics and received the output shown in the exhibit. 
Examine the diagnostic output shown exhibit. Which of the following options is the most likely cause of this issue?
  1. NAT port exhaustion
  2. High CPU usage
  3. High memory usage
  4. High session timeout value
Correct answer: A
Question 6
An administrator has configured central DNAT and virtual IPs. Which of the following can be selected in the firewall policy Destination field?
  1. A VIP group
  2. The mapped IP address object of the VIP object
  3. A VIP object
  4. An IP pool
Correct answer: C
Question 7
An administrator needs to strengthen the security for SSL VPN access. Which of the following statements are best practices to do so? (Choose three.)
  1. Configure split tunneling for content inspection.
  2. Configure host restrictions by IP or MAC address.
  3. Configure two-factor authentication using security certificates.
  4. Configure SSL offloading to a content processor (FortiASIC).
  5. Configure a client integrity check (host-check).
Correct answer: CDE
Question 8
Which statement about FortiGuard services for FortiGate is true?
  1. The web filtering database is downloaded locally on FortiGate.
  2. Antivirus signatures are downloaded locally on FortiGate.
  3. FortiGate downloads IPS updates using UDP port 53 or 8888.
  4. FortiAnalyzer can be configured as a local FDN to provide antivirus and IPS updates.
Correct answer: B
Question 9
Which of the following route attributes must be equal for static routes to be eligible for equal cost multipath (ECMP) routing? (Choose two.)
  1. Priority
  2. Metric
  3. Distance
  4. Cost
Correct answer: AC
Question 10
View the exhibit. 
Based on this output, which statements are correct? (Choose two.)
  1. The all VDOM is not synchronized between the primary and secondary FortiGate devices.
  2. The root VDOM is not synchronized between the primary and secondary FortiGate devices.
  3. The global configuration is synchronized between the primary and secondary FortiGate devices.
  4. The FortiGate devices have three VDOMs.
Correct answer: BC

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