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Vendor: Financial
Exam Code: CQA
Exam Name: Certified Quality Auditor
Date: Sep 14, 2018
File Size: 33 KB

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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following statistics would best describe the central tendency of a sample of data? 
  1. Mode
  2. Mean
  3. Standard deviation
  4. Range
Correct answer: B
Question 2
During the opening meeting, it is the auditee’s responsibility to
  1. prepare the meeting agenda
  2. set the audit schedule
  3. state the audit purpose and scope
  4. identify safety requirements
Correct answer: D
Question 3
Auditor independence includes freedom from which of the following?
I. Bias
II. Conflict of interest
III. External influences
IV. Previous exposure to the area
  1. I and II only
  2. II and IV only
  3. I, II, and III only
  4. II, III and IV only
Correct answer: C
Question 4
Which of the following requests by an auditor is likely to obtain the most objective evidence for verification?
  1. “What kind of information do you receive?”
  2. “Who provides the information to you?”
  3. “Describe how you receive information.”
  4. “Show me the information you have received.”
Correct answer: D
Question 5
Audits are conducted against a performance standard to ensure which of the following?
I. Meaningful measurements
II. Objectively evaluated performance
III. Perceptive observations
  1. I only
  2. I and II only
  3. II and III only
  4. I, II, and III
Correct answer: B
Question 6
While performing an internal audit, an auditor notices that an operator on one shift skips part of the documented procedure. In this situation, the auditor should do which of the following?
  1. Make a note on the checklist and initial it.
  2. Report it to the operator’s supervisor or manager.
  3. Question the operator about the observation.
  4. Ask another operator to evaluate the situation.
Correct answer: C
Question 7
An auditor is performing an audit of a drilling machine that produces 100 pieces a day and that is showing improved quality. Which of the following rules should be used for determining the proper sample size for a fixed level of confidence? 
  1. The moving average should be calculated.
  2. The sample size should be decreased as the quality improves.
  3. The AQL of the raw material should be used.
  4. A 10% sample size should be used, regardless of the change in quality.
Correct answer: B
Question 8
An audit report should contain which of the following?
  1. Audit findings
  2. Root cause analysis
  3. Corrective action
  4. Re-audit schedule
Correct answer: A
Question 9
The objective evidence supporting an audit observation must be
  1. recorded on the working papers
  2. verified by the escort
  3. mentioned to the auditee
  4. written as a nonconformance
Correct answer: A
Question 10
Generally, which of the following is the most meaningful way to trace a finished product?
  1. Forward from starting with the acquisition of raw materials
  2. Forward from the first production activity
  3. Backward from the start of the assembly process
  4. Backward from the end point
Correct answer: D

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