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Exam Code: 201
Exam Name: TMOS Administration
Date: Apr 02, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
The current status of a given pool is offline (red). Which condition could explain that state? Assume the descriptions below include all monitors assigned for each scenario.
  1. No monitors are currently assigned to any pool, member or node.
  2. The pool has a monitor assigned to it, and none of the pool members passed the test.
  3. The pool has a monitor assigned to it, and only some of the pool's members passed the test.
  4. A monitor is assigned to all nodes and all nodes have passed the test. The pool's members have no specific monitor assigned to them.
Correct answer: B
Question 2
You need to terminate client SSL traffic at the BIG-IP and also to persist client traffic to the same pool member based on a BIG IP supplied cookie. 
Which four are profiles that would normally be included in the virtual server's definition? (Choose four.)
  1. TCP
  2. HTTP
  3. HTTPS
  4. ClientSSL
  5. ServerSSL
  6. CookieBased Persistence  
Correct answer: ABDF
Question 3
A site needs to terminate client HTTPS traffic at the BIG-IP and forward that traffic unencrypted. 
Which two are profile types that must be associated with such a virtual server? (Choose two.)
  1. TCP
  2. HTTP
  3. HTTPS
  4. ClientSSL
  5. ServerSSL
Correct answer: AD
Question 4
Which three statements describe a characteristic of profiles? (Choose three.)
  1. Default profiles cannot be created or deleted.
  2. Custom profiles are always based on a parent profile.
  3. A profile can be a child of one profile and a parent of another.
  4. All changes to parent profiles are propagated to their child profiles.  
  5. While most virtual servers have at least one profile associated with them, it is not required.
Correct answer: ABC
Question 5
A virtual server is defined using a source address based persistence profile. The last five connections were A, B, C, A, C . Given the conditions shown in the graphic, if a client with IP address opens a connection to the virtual server, which member will be used for the connection?  
Correct answer: B
Question 6
How is persistence configured?  
  1. Persistence is an option within each pool's definition.
  2. Persistence is a profile type; an appropriate profile is created and associated with virtual server.  
  3. Persistence is a global setting; once enabled, loadbalancing choices are superceded by the persistence method that is specified.
  4. Persistence is an option for each pool member. When a pool is defined, each member's definition includes the option for persistence.
Correct answer: B
Question 7
Which cookie persistence method requires the fewest configuration changes on the web servers to be implemented correctly?
  1. insert
  2. rewrite
  3. passive
  4. session
Correct answer: A
Question 8
Which statement is true concerning cookie persistence?
  1. Cookie persistence allows persistence independent of IP addresses.
  2. Cookie persistence allows persistence even if the data are encrypted from client to pool member.  
  3. Cookie persistence uses a cookie that stores the virtual server, pool name, and member IP address in clear text.
  4. If a client's browser accepts cookies, cookie persistence will always cause a cookie to be written to the client's file system.
Correct answer: A
Question 9
Assume a virtual server has a ServerSSL profile. What SSL certificates are required on the pool members?
  1. No SSL certificates are required on the pool members.
  2. The pool members.SSL certificates must only exist.
  3. The pool members.SSL certificates must be issued from a certificate authority.
  4. The pool members.SSL certificates must be created within the company hosting the BIGIPs.
Correct answer: B
Question 10
When configuring a Virtual Server to use an iRule with an HTTP_REQUEST event, which lists required steps in a proper order to create all necessary objects?  
  1. create profiles, create the iRule, create required pools, create the Virtual Server
  2. create the Virtual Server, create required pools, create the iRule, edit the Virtual Server
  3. create a custom HTTP profile, create required pools, create the Virtual Server, create the iRule
  4. create required pools, create a custom HTTP profile, create the iRule, create the Virtual Server
Correct answer: B

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