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Exam Extreme Networks Specialist (ENS)
Number EW0-300
File Name ExtremeNetworks.PracticeDumps.EW0-300.2018-07-24.1e.86q.vcex
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Posted August 08, 2018


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Demo Questions

Question 1

In SLB, Port Translation Mode is similar to Translation Mode, except that in Port Translation Mode the physical Port where the node connects to must be configured as a Fast Ethernet Half Duplex port.

  • A: True
  • B: False
Question 2

In PIM sparse mode the Bootstrap Router election is based on the highest IP address.

  • A: True
  • B: False
Question 3

ESRP-enabled switches can utilize either an IP address or an IPX net ID for their protected VLANs.

  • A: TRUE
  • B: FALSE
Question 4

An IP-only IS-IS router (or "IP-only" router) is defined to be

  • A: A router which uses IS-IS as the routing protocol for IP
  • B: Does not otherwise support OSI protocols
  • C: One of the IS-IS router types
  • D: All of the above
Question 5

On an Extreme Networks switch, how many bits comprise an OSPF area ID?

  • A: 32 BITS
  • B: 48 BITS
  • C: 64 BITS
  • D: 128 BITS
Question 6

What is the RP-set?

  • A: It is the information of which RP are available for what Multicast groups. 
    It is send by the BSR towards all PIM routers
  • B: It is the information of which multicast groups are active 
    It is send by the RP towards all PIM routers
  • C: It is the information of which BSR are available for what Multicast groups. 
    It is send by RP towards all PIM routers
  • D: It is the information, stored by all RP, needed to find the BSR.
Question 7

The majority of Extreme Networks switches have a dedicated out of band management port and VLAN. The 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet management port allows you to communicate directly to the CPU of the switch. If you want the switch to forward traffic from the mgmt VLAN to other VLANS you just have to enable ipforwarding on all VLANS including the management VLAN.

  • A: TRUE
  • B: FALSE
Question 8

Which of the following statements fit the description of PIM sparse mode? (choose three that apply)

  • A: PIM sparse mode is suitable for network with minimal multicast deployment.
  • B: PIM sparse mode builds shared trees based on a common Rendez-Vous Point
  • C: In PIM sparse mode the RPF check depends on the tree type
  • D: An explicit join is not required in PIM sparse mode.
Question 9

How many bits in the IP TOS field does a Summit 48i examine?

  • A: 4
  • B: 6
  • C: 8
  • D: 16
Question 10

What is the CLI command you would use to configure a VLAN to be protected by ESRP?

  • A: enable esrp vlan <vlan>
  • B: enable esrp vlan <vlan> detail
  • C: config esrp vlan <vlan>
  • D: config esrp vlan <vlan> detail