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Exam PRINCE2 Practitioner
Number PR2P
File Name Exin.Passcertification.PR2P.2017-12-24.1e.190q.vcex
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Posted December 24, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following principles describes this statement?  
"xxx defines tolerances for each project objective to establish limits of delegated authority"

  • A: Manage by stages
  • B: Focus on products
  • C: Manage by exception
  • D: Learn from experience

Question 2
Which of the following statements is NOT correct? 
The Learn from Experience principle suggests that lessons should be actively sought...

  • A: When Starting a Project
  • B: When Initiating a Project
  • C: As the project progresses
  • D: As the project closes

Question 3
Which of the following principles uses Product Descriptions to provide clarity by defining each product's purpose, composition, derivation, format, quality criteria and quality method?

  • A: Tailor to suit the project environment
  • B: Focus on products
  • C: Manage by stages
  • D: Continued business justification

Question 4
Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding the Continued Business Justification?

  • A: The justification for the project must remain the same throughout the project
  • B: The justification for the project should remain valid
  • C: The justification for the project may change
  • D: If the project is no longer justified it should be stopped

Question 5
The Manage by Exception principle sets tolerances for six areas of the project. Time, Cost and Quality are three of them, what are the other three?

  • A: Scope, People & Resources, Benefit
  • B: Scope, Risk, Product
  • C: Risk, Benefit, Product
  • D: Scope, Risk, Benefit

Question 6
Which statement best explains the purpose of Tailor to suit the project environment?

  • A: Ensure project controls are based on project's scale, complexity, importance, capability and risk
  • B: To use a set of pre-defined templates for the size of project
  • C: To tailor the use of the principles to suit the project
  • D: To pick which PRINCE2 processes to apply and which to leave out

Question 7
Which of the following statements describes an outcome?

  • A: Any of the projects specialist products
  • B: A result of the change derived from using the project's products
  • C: A measurable improvement resulting from a change
  • D: Something perceived as advantages by a stakeholder

Question 8
Which of the following should NOT be included in the business case?

  • A: Reasons
  • B: Major Risks
  • C: Business options
  • D: Business approach

Question 9
When considering the business options in the business case, which of these is NOT an option?

  • A: Do nothing
  • B: Do the maximum
  • C: Do the minimum
  • D: Do something

Question 10
Which of the following statements is TRUE with regard to expected benefits?

  • A: They cannot be assigned
  • B: They don't need to follow corporate objectives
  • C: They should be measurable
  • D: Tolerances cannot be set against expected benefits



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