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Exam Managing Successful Programmes Foundation
Number EX0-003
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Posted July 05, 2018


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Demo Questions

Question 1

Which is an outcome?

  • A: Product developed by a project
  • B: Measured operational improvement
  • C: Products transitioned into live use
  • D: New service ready for handover
Question 2

Which document is updated throughout the programme when new information on benefits and risks becomes available?

  • A: Benefits Management Strategy
  • B: Business Case
  • C: Programme Brief
  • D: Information Management Plan
Question 3

Which activity should be undertaken by the Programme Board?

  • A: Quantify the financial impact on a business area
  • B: Decide how much risk the programme should accept
  • C: Ensure the programme fits into the organizational context
  • D: Ensure development of programme governance arrangements
Question 4

What role acts as the nerve centre for the programme?

  • A: Programme Office
  • B: Programme Assurance
  • C: Programme Board
  • D: Design Authority
Question 5

Which is NOT a reason for Managing the Tranches?

  • A: Implement monitoring and control governance for the programme
  • B: Assess the programme regularly to check it is in line with the strategic direction of the organization
  • C: Achieve stabilization of operational areas which have transitioned to the new state
  • D: Update programme governance baselines to reflect lessons learned
Question 6

What source of information explains when health checks, audits and reviews will be undertaken?

  • A: Quality and Assurance Strategy
  • B: Quality and Assurance Plan
  • C: Information Management Strategy
  • D: Information Management Plan
Question 7

Which should be done during the process Closing a Programme?

  • A: Confirm that key stakeholders are satisfied with the improvements
  • B: Provide an opportunity to plan a post-project review
  • C: Identify the need for future assessment of benefit realization
  • D: Enable all outstanding risks to be closed
Question 8

What type of programme is sometimes referred to as a ’must do’ programme?

  • A: Vision-led
  • B: Emergent
  • C: Compliance
  • D: Specification-led
Question 9

Which is NOT an objective of the programme communications process?

  • A: Ensure expectations about what will be delivered remain realistic
  • B: Maintain high levels of awareness and commitment
  • C: Specify how stakeholders will be identified
  • D: Describe what future operations are likely to look like
Question 10

Which of the following statements about programme team appointments is true? 
Senior Responsible Owner is appointed by the Programme Board 
Programme Manager is appointed by the Senior Responsible Owner

  • A: Only 1 is true
  • B: Only 2 is true
  • C: Both 1 and 2 are true
  • D: Neither 1 or 2 is true