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Exam EXIN Agile Scrum Master
Number ASM
File Name EXIN Agile Scrum Master.PracticeTest.ASM.2018-10-03.1e.15q.vcex
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Posted October 03, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A Scrum Team suggests to have a project with 3 Sprints of 2 weeks, while the customer suggests 1 Sprint of 6 weeks. 
What is the greatest advantage of having 3 Sprints of 2 weeks?

  • A: The customer has to invest fewer time.
  • B: The team can inspect and adapt 2 times.
  • C: The team delivers more Story Points.

Question 2
Kevin is a Product Owner for a retail organization. The Product Backlog for his immense marketing tool project has 200 Product Backlog Items. 
Into what should he group the smaller Stories together?

  • A: Epics
  • B: Themes
  • C: User Stories
  • D: Views

Question 3
Company X-AppGo is very interested in getting the benefits of both the ITIL® Framework and the Agile principles. They want to establish a disciplined service based approach, while reducing lead team in releasing application enhancements and improvements to their customer base. 
Based on the above scenario, which would be the best processes to start integrating Agile into the ITIL® Framework?

  • A: Service Design and Service Transition
  • B: Service Strategy and Service Design
  • C: Service Strategy and Service Operation
  • D: Service Transition and Service Operation

Question 4
Which information Radiator can the team use best during the Sprint to track the work?

  • A: Gantt chart
  • B: Product Backlog
  • C: Release Burn Up
  • D: Task board

Question 5
A Scrum Team has agreed on the following definition of Potentially Shippable:
Potentially Shippable increments must be tested and must meet the Conditions of Satisfaction provided by the Product Owner. 
Why is it important to include ‘tested’ in the definition of what is Potentially Shippable?

  • A: Increments are not ‘Done’ without testing for bugs.
  • B: Increments that have passed these tests will be sent out.
  • C: Testing shows how well the increments are integrated.
  • D: The increments must be tested to be cohesive.

Question 6
Your company wants to be highly responsive to bug reports or feature requests from your customers. For your customers it is more important to have confidence in the date by which you promise to have a fix than an occasional quick fix. 
What part of Scrum allows you to have this predictability?

  • A: Agile planning
  • B: The Velocity of the Team
  • C: Working in strict timeboxes

Question 7
When two companies merge, there is often a lack of communication and transparency between locations. 
What can best be done to reduce the risk of full-scale blow-ups between locations?

  • A: Establish the ‘connector role’ within the team
  • B: Establish collaborating collocated teams
  • C: Establish deliberately collocated teams
  • D: Establish deliberately distributed teams

Question 8
What is one of the risks if the Scrum Master is also a programmer on the team?

  • A: The Scrum Master does not have the required people skills.
  • B: The Scrum Master cannot stay away from critical path activities.
  • C: The Scrum Master tries to push through changes to the process.

Question 9
A team finds bugs in a feature. 
What is the best action to take?

  • A: Create a task “Correct bugs” and estimate it.
  • B: Create a task “Correct bugs” and let the Product Owner prioritize it.
  • C: Create a User Story “As a client I want a zero defect product” and estimate it.
  • D: Create a User Story “As a client I want a zero defect product” and let the Product Owner prioritize it.

Question 10
Your company has discovered that it takes more than high quality, low cost, and differentiation to excel. It also takes speed and flexibility. This calls for a different approach: you are aware that the current process is not delivering acceptable results.
What would be the next activity after becoming aware?

  • A: Ability to succeed with Scrum
  • B: Desire to adopt Scrum as a way to address current problems
  • C: Promotion of Scrum through sharing experiences so that we remember and others can see our successes
  • D: Transfer of the implications of using Scrum throughout the company



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