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Exam Certified Ethical Hacker (312-50v9)
Number 312-50
File Name Certified Ethical Hacker Exam.ActualTests.312-50.2022-01-06.5e.326q.vcex
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Posted January 06, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Passive reconnaissance involves collecting information through which of the following?

  • A: Social engineering
  • B: Network traffic sniffing
  • C: Man in the middle attacks
  • D: Publicly accessible sources

Question 2
What type of OS fingerprinting technique sends specially crafted packets to the remote OS and analyzes the received response?

  • A: Passive 
  • B: Reflective
  • C: Active
  • D: Distributive

Question 3
Which of the following is a detective control?

  • A: Smart card authentication
  • B: Security policy
  • C: Audit trail
  • D: Continuity of operations plan

Question 4
When utilizing technical assessment methods to assess the security posture of a network, which of the following techniques would be most effective in determining whether end-user security training would be beneficial?

  • A: Vulnerability scanning
  • B: Social engineering
  • C: Application security testing
  • D: Network sniffing

Question 5
A company has publicly hosted web applications and an internal Intranet protected by a firewall. 
Which technique will help protect against enumeration?

  • A: Reject all invalid email received via SMTP.
  • B: Allow full DNS zone transfers.
  • C: Remove A records for internal hosts.
  • D: Enable null session pipes.

Question 6
The following is part of a log file taken from the machine on the network with the IP address of
Time:Mar 13 17:30:15 Port:20 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP  
Time:Mar 13 17:30:17 Port:21 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP  
Time:Mar 13 17:30:19 Port:22 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP  
Time:Mar 13 17:30:21 Port:23 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP  
Time:Mar 13 17:30:22 Port:25 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP  
Time:Mar 13 17:30:23 Port:80 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP  
Time:Mar 13 17:30:30 Port:443 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP
What type of activity has been logged?

  • A: Port scan targeting
  • B: Teardrop attack targeting
  • C: Denial of service attack targeting
  • D: Port scan targeting

Question 7
A bank stores and processes sensitive privacy information related to home loans. However, auditing has never been enabled on the system. What is the first step that the bank should take before enabling the audit feature?

  • A: Perform a vulnerability scan of the system.
  • B: Determine the impact of enabling the audit feature.
  • C: Perform a cost/benefit analysis of the audit feature.
  • D: Allocate funds for staffing of audit log review.

Question 8
Which security control role does encryption meet?

  • A: Preventative
  • B: Detective
  • C: Offensive
  • D: Defensive

Question 9
What is one thing a tester can do to ensure that the software is trusted and is not changing or tampering with critical data on the back end of a system it is loaded on?

  • A: Proper testing
  • B: Secure coding principles 
  • C: Systems security and architecture review
  • D: Analysis of interrupts within the software

Question 10
Which type of access control is used on a router or firewall to limit network activity?

  • A: Mandatory
  • B: Discretionary
  • C: Rule-based
  • D: Role-based


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