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Exam Code: 312-50
Exam Name: Certified Ethical Hacker (312-50v9)
Date: Jan 17, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
How is the public key distributed in an orderly, controlled fashion so that the users can be sure of the sender's identity?   
  1. Hash value 
  2. Digital signature 
  3. Private key 
  4. Digital certificate 
Correct answer: D
Question 2
What do Trinoo, TFN2k, WinTrinoo, T-Sight, and Stracheldraht have in common?
  1. All are tools that can be used not only by hackers, but also security personnel
  2. All are hacking tools developed by the legion of doom
  3. All are tools that are only effective against Windows
  4. All are tools that are only effective against Linux
  5. All are DDOS tools
Correct answer: E
Question 3
A zone file consists of which of the following Resource Records (RRs)?
  1. DNS, NS, PTR, and MX records
  2. SOA, NS, A, and MX records
  3. DNS, NS, AXFR, and MX records
  4. SOA, NS, AXFR, and MX records
Correct answer: B
Question 4
Which of the following is the primary objective of a rootkit?
  1. It creates a buffer overflow 
  2. It provides an undocumented opening in a program 
  3. It replaces legitimate programs 
  4. It opens a port to provide an unauthorized service 
Correct answer: C
Question 5
CompanyXYZ has asked you to assess the security of their perimeter email gateway. 
From your office in New York, you craft a specially formatted email message and send it across the Internet to an employee of CompanyXYZ. 
The employee of CompanyXYZ is aware of your test. Your email message looks like this: 
To: [email protected] Subject: Test message 
Date: 4/3/2017 14:37 
The employee of CompanyXYZ receives your email message. 
This proves that CompanyXYZ's email gateway doesn't prevent what?
  1. Email Harvesting 
  2. Email Masquerading
  3. Email Phishing 
  4. Email Spoofing 
Correct answer: D
Question 6
When discussing passwords, what is considered a brute force attack?
  1. You wait until the password expires
  2. You create hashes of a large number of words and compare it with the encrypted passwords
  3. You attempt every single possibility until you exhaust all possible combinations or discover the password
  4. You load a dictionary of words into your cracking program
  5. You threaten to use the rubber hose on someone unless they reveal their password
Correct answer: C
Question 7
You are trying to break into a highly classified top-secret mainframe computer with highest security system in place at Merclyn Barley Bank located in Los Angeles.  
You know that conventional hacking doesn't work in this case, because organizations such as banks are generally tight and secure when it comes to protecting their systems. In other words, you are trying to penetrate an otherwise impenetrable system.  
How would you proceed?
  1. Launch DDOS attacks against Merclyn Barley Bank's routers and firewall systems using 100, 000 or  more "zombies" and "bots"  
  2. Look for "zero-day" exploits at various underground hacker websites in Russia and China and buy the necessary exploits from these hackers and target the bank's network  
  3. Try to conduct Man-in-the-Middle (MiTM) attack and divert the network traffic going to the Merclyn Barley Bank's Webserver to that of your machine using DNS Cache Poisoning techniques  
  4. Try to hang around the local pubs or restaurants near the bank, get talking to a poorly-paid or disgruntled employee, and offer them money if they'll abuse their access privileges by providing you with sensitive information  
Correct answer: D
Question 8
This is an attack that takes advantage of a web site vulnerability in which the site displays content that includes un-sanitized user-provided data.  
What is this attack?  
  1. URL Traversal attack
  2. Buffer Overflow attack 
  3. Cross-site-scripting attack 
  4. SQL Injection 
Correct answer: C
Question 9
You went to great lengths to install all the necessary technologies to prevent hacking attacks, such as expensive firewalls, antivirus software, anti-spam systems and intrusion detection/prevention tools in your company's network. You have configured the most secure policies and tightened every device on your network. You are confident that hackers will never be able to gain access to your network with complex security system in place.  Your peer, Peter Smith who works at the same department disagrees  with you.  
He says even the best network security technologies cannot prevent  hackers gaining access to the network because of presence of  "weakest link" in the security chain.  
What is Peter Smith talking about?
  1. "zero-day" exploits are the weakest link in the security chain since the IDS will not be able to detect these attacks  
  2. Continuous Spam e-mails cannot be blocked by your security system since spammers use different techniques to bypass the filters in your gateway  
  3. "Polymorphic viruses" are the weakest link in the security chain since the Anti-Virus scanners will not be able to detect these attacks  
  4. Untrained staff or ignorant computer users who inadvertently become the weakest link in your security chain  
Correct answer: D
Question 10
Which of the following are well known password-cracking programs?
  1. Jack the Ripper 
  2. L0phtcrack 
  3. John the Ripper 
  4. Netbus 
  5. NetCat 
Correct answer: BC

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