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Vendor: DMI
Exam Code: PDDM
Exam Name: Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
Date: Oct 13, 2018
File Size: 3 MB

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Demo Questions

Question 1
The percentage of times a phrase appears on a webpage relative to the number of words on the page has a special term to describe it. 
What is the term? Choose one of the following:
  1. Keyword density
  2. Keyword rotation
  3. Keyword percentage
  4. Keyword value
Correct answer: A
Question 2
What do Google Webmaster Tools allow website owners to see? Choose one of the following:
  1. How a search engine interacts with the website.
  2. The most expensive keywords for the website.
  3. The keyword density on the website.
  4. The number of visitors to the website.
Correct answer: A
Question 3
Google decides the ranking for your website based predominantly on which one of the following?
  1. Number and quality of websites that link to your website
  2. Quality of keywords that feature on each page
  3. Quality of the copy in ad campaigns
  4. Number of visitors to your website
Correct answer: A
Question 4
Consider the webpage link:
What kind of link format is this known as? Choose one of the following:
  1. URL link
  2. Topic link
  3. Uninformative link
  4. Keyword link
Correct answer: A
Question 5
What do internal links within your website assist with? Choose one of the following:
  1. Navigation and search spiders
  2. Navigation and display
  3. Layout and search spiders
  4. Navigation and content
Correct answer: A
Question 6
What is happening in the Google AdWords screen shown below? 
Choose one of the following:
  1. Keyword Estimation
  2. Campaign Estimation
  3. Traffic Research
  4. Link Analysis
Correct answer: A
Question 7
What is displayed in the Google AdWords screen below? Choose one of the following:
  1. Keyword Research Report
  2. Campaign Report
  3. Traffic SourceReport
  4. SEO Report
Correct answer: A
Question 8
Your boss has asked you to evaluate the keywords currently in use for SEO, and compare them with the keywords used on the websites of your competitors. Which two dimensions will you concentrate on? Choose one of the following:
  1. Traffic Volume and Ranking
  2. Position and Cost
  3. Inbound Links and Cost
  4. Position and Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
Correct answer: A
Question 9
You recognize the importance of creating articles and blog posts to drive traffic to your website. What is this activity known as? Choose one of the following:
  1. Content link building
  2. Content updates 
  3. Inbounding
  4. Link building
Correct answer: A
Question 10
Which of the following will NOT adversely affect your link building efforts? Choose one of the following:
  1. Refreshing content
  2. Keyword stuffing
  3. Broken links
  4. Duplicate content
Correct answer: A

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