Download Dell SC Series Storage Professional Exam.DSDSC-200.PracticeTest.2018-11-16.68q.vcex

Vendor: Dell
Exam Code: DSDSC-200
Exam Name: Dell SC Series Storage Professional Exam
Date: Nov 16, 2018
File Size: 10 MB

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Demo Questions

Question 1
A deployment technician has cabled several enclosures on one chain: (1) SC200, (1) SC220, and (1) SC 280. When the deployment technician tries to configure the Disk folder, some disks are missing.
What is the cause of this problem?
  1. A SC200 must be on a separate chain from the SC220 and SC280.
  2. The SC220 must be on a separate chain from the SC200 and SC280.
  3. The SC280 must be on a separate chain from the SC200 and SC220.
  4. There are too many disks on the same chain.
Correct answer: C
Question 2
An engineer needs to install an LSI9206 SAS card in an existing SC8000 system that runs version 6.1. 
Which step should the technician take to install this IO module?
  1. As a hot-add card, install the card in any slot without powering down the controller.
  2. Make sure that slots 1, 2, or 3 are available because the card can NOT be installed in a full-height slot.
  3. Download the LSI 9206 firmware from the Compellent portal to apply to the card.
  4. Update the SCOS to version 6.3 because this is the minimum version for this card to run.
Correct answer: D
Question 3
A deployment technician needs to install a dual-controller Storage Center with two Fibre Channel (FC) fabrics. The site will run in Legacy mode. 
What is the correct front-end cabling?
Correct answer: B
Question 4
The administrator notices that some disks show as down intermittently. The disks are all in the same enclosure. 
What is the problem?
  1. Each disk drive must be replaced.
  2. The enclosure is powered off.
  3. The SAS cable is NOT fully seated.
  4. The Disk folder is NOT properly configured.
Correct answer: C
Question 5
Which two steps should the engineer take prior to racking any equipment? (Choose two.)
  1. remove batteries from controllers to prevent risk of electric shock
  2. remove any jewelry or metal objects from the engineer’s body
  3. remove the disk drives from inside the shipped enclosures
  4. apply an ESD wrist or ankle strap to avoid damage to parts
Correct answer: BD
Question 6
The SAS chain starts in port 1 controller 1 and ends at controller 2 at port 3. 
What are the correct connections in a 4-port SAS IO card?
  1. Side A port 1: port 3 & : Side B port 1: port 3
  2. Side A port 3: port 3 & : Side B port 3: port 3
  3. Side A port 1: port 1 & : Side B port 1: port 1
  4. Side A port 1: port 1 & : Side B port 3: port 3
Correct answer: A
Question 7
A customer has iSCSI servers that occasionally perform poorly. The performance issues on a particular server occur during temporary traffic spikes to that server. Logs show that the number of dropped packets increases during the traffic spike. In normal traffic conditions, performance is acceptable. 
What are iSCSI best practices to fix this problem?
  1. make sure that switches used for iSCSI are non-blocking switches
  2. disable storm control
  3. enable jumbo frames end-to-end
  4. enable bi-directional flow control
Correct answer: D
Question 8
An engineer has several servers connected to the Storage Center through two FC fabrics. The Storage Center runs in Legacy mode. The engineer needs to create zones based on World Wide Names (WWN). 
Which WWNs from the Storage Center need to be included in the zone with the server WWN?
  1. only the Primary WWNs
  2. only the Virtual WWNs
  3. both the Primary and Reserve WWNs
  4. both the Virtual and Physical WWNs
Correct answer: B
Question 9
A deployment engineer is installing a dual-controller Storage Center with four FC ports in each controller. This system need to use Legacy Port mode because the AIX version used requires it. 
Which two configurations are required to set up the fault domains? (Choose two.)
  1. There are only two fault domains used, one for primary ports and one for reserved ports.
  2. There is a separate fault domain for each set of primary and reserved ports.
  3. There are only two fault domains used, one for the ports in each fabric.
  4. The primary and reserved ports in the fault domain need to reside on different controllers.
Correct answer: BD
Question 10
An engineer needs to install an SC8000 with four FC ports in each controller and two FC switches set up in a dual fabric. Each controller also has two 10 Gb iSCSI ports. All iSCSI ports are connected to an ethernet switch. The system uses virtual ports. 
How many fault domains are required?
  1. 3
  2. 5
  3. 4
  4. 2
Correct answer: C

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