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Vendor: Dell
Exam Code: DES-6322
Exam Name: Specialist - Implementation Engineer, VxRail Exam
Date: Oct 07, 2021
File Size: 1 MB

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Demo Questions

Question 1
What is a consideration when implementing a custom VDS on a VxRail cluster?
  1. Used by multiple clusters managed by a single vCenter instance
  2. Supported with external and internal vCenter Servers
  3. Supports only four NIC uplinks
  4. Supports only two NIC uplinks
Correct answer: B
Question 2
What is the recommended format for host names when using the VxRail Deployment Wizard for an ExternalvCenter solution?
  1. FQDN for vCenter Server 
    Host name for VxRail Manager
  2. Host name for both vCenter Server and for VxRail Manager
  3. FQDN for both vCenter Server and for VxRail Manager
  4. Host name for vCenter ServerFQDN for VxRail Manager
Correct answer: A
Question 3
A company needs to enable vSphere GPU capabilities on their VxRail cluster. To do so, they need to purchase a specificentitlement.  
What licensing satisfies this requirement?
  1. vSphere Enterprise Plus
  2. vSAN Enterprise Plus Edition
  3. vSAN Advanced Edition
  4. vSphere Standard
Correct answer: B
Question 4
What is a consideration when expanding a VxRail cluster?(Choose two.)
  1. Mixing of All-Flash and all-NVMe nodes in a cluster is not allowed
  2. Expanding a cluster to 64 nodes requires a 25 GbE network
  3. G Series clusters can be expanded only with G Series nodes
  4. 1 GbE must be hybrid and single processor node type 
Correct answer: BC
Question 5
How should an administrator manually validate the DNS readiness of acustomer network?
  1. Run a traceroute to the DNS server
  2. Generate a Network PEQ
  3. Ping the default gateway of the management VLAN
  4. Run nslookup on server FQDN and IP
Correct answer: A
Question 6
A VxRail D560 cluster was delivered six months ago and now needs to be prepared for installation with the target code. What is the correct method to complete the task?
  1. Boot into RASR ISO and perform a RASR Reset
  2. Boot into RASR USB and perform a RASR Reset
  3. Boot into SD card and perform a Factory Reset 
  4. Boot into RASR ISO and perform a Factory Reset
Correct answer: A
Question 7
An implementation engineer logs in to the vSphere Client of a recently deployed VxRail cluster. They want to review the firmware versions on the VxRail nodes.  
Which view should they use to gather this information?
  1. Hosts and Clusters > VxRail Host > Configure > VxRail > iDRAC Configuration
  2. Host and Clusters > VxRail Host > Monitor > VxRail > Physical View
  3. Hosts and Clusters > VxRail Cluster > Monitor > VxRail > Appliances
  4. Hosts and Clusters > VxRail Cluster > Configure > VxRail > System
Correct answer: A
Question 8
What is the correct CLI command to collect only the vCenter logs onVxRail Manager?
  1. –v 
  2. –v
  3. –c
  4. –c
Correct answer: D
Question 9
Match each VxRail configuration with its related characteristic.  
Correct answer: To work with this question, an Exam Simulator is required.
Question 10
What is the maximum number of supported nodes in a VxRailStretch Cluster?
  1. 16
  2. 30
  3. 32
  4. 64
Correct answer: B

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