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Vendor: Dell
Exam Code: DCPPE-200
Exam Name: Dell PowerEdge Professional Exam
Date: Jul 29, 2018
File Size: 498 KB

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Demo Questions

Question 1
An engineer is troubleshooting a blade server in an FX2s. The compute sled in SLOT 3 will NOT power on. The engineer has taken the server down to minimum to POST. The server still does NOT power on. The engineer then swaps sleds SLOT 2 and 3. The iDRAC initializes in SLOT 2 but SLOT 3 is stuck at initializing the iDRAC. 
What are two possible sources of the issue? (Choose two.)
  1. Fan board
  2. iDRAC
  3. Interposer board
  4. Midplane
  5. PCIe Switch
Correct answer: BE
Question 2
A customer has five VRTXs in a chassis group that they need to disband. The engineer disbands the chassis group from the group leader, but a networking interruption prevents two of the VRTXs from getting the signal to leave the group. 
What should the engineer do to finish disbanding the chassis group?
  1. Remove the remaining members from the group leader’s Remove Members list
  2. Recreate the group from the group leader and disband it again
  3. Remove the group association from the group members individually
  4. Reboot the CMCs of the remaining members
Correct answer: C
Question 3
An engineer has a new blade chassis that is ¾ full. The chassis has six power supplies. The chassis at peak power usage needs at minimum four power supplies. Redundancy is NOT a concern. 
The engineer needs a policy to meet the current needs and provide enough power to a fully populated chassis. 
Which policy should the engineer choose?
  1. N+0
  2. N+1
  3. N+2
  4. N+N
Correct answer: A
Question 4
An engineer is running an inventory report on a VRTX chassis group for a customer. When the engineer views the report, the engineer notices the inventory of one of the VRTX is missing one of its nodes. 
What is the cause?
  1. The VRTX group member is in Chassis Power State Off since the node was inserted.
  2. The VRTX group member is disconnected from the network at the time of the report.
  3. The node’s iDRAC is unreachable from the VRTX group leader’s CMC.
  4. The node’s iDRAC needs to have an Enterprise license installed.
Correct answer: C
Question 5
An engineer has been given a new chassis and needs to configure the iDRACs on all servers prior to deploying an OS on them. The iDRACs need to be configured with IP addresses and a new root password. 
What is the most efficient method to perform this task?
  1. Use CMC QuickDeploy
  2. Use iDRAC QuickLaunch
  3. Use CMC Server Profiles
  4. Use racadm quickdeploy
Correct answer: D
Question 6
An engineer has connected a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to a VRTX chassis. The engineer is unable to see or control the first blade. 
What must the engineer do to control the first blade with a connected monitor, keyboard, and mouse?
  1. Map the KVM to the first blade in the Front Panel menu of the CMC.
  2. Plug the monitor, keyboard, and mouse into the back of the chassis.
  3. Enable the KVM for the chassis and navigate to the first blade.
  4. Reseat the module that manages access to the monitor, keyboard and mouse.
Correct answer: C
Question 7
An engineer needs to replicate BIOS and NIC settings for server nodes installed in the chassis. 
Which CMC feature should an engineer use to perform this task?
  1. AutoConfiguration
  2. Chassis Profiles
  3. QuickDeploy
  4. Server Profiles
Correct answer: C
Question 8
A password to the CMC root account on an M1000e server chassis has been misplaced. 
What should be done to restore administrative access to the CMC?
  1. Reset root password using the PASSWORD_RSET jumper
  2. Issue password reset from a connected blade’s iDRAC
  3. Call Dell tech support and ask to reset CMC password via SupportAssist
  4. Access CMC through serial console and issue the enable secret command
Correct answer: A
Question 9
An engineer responsible for server lifecycle management (e.g. Monitor, Update, Deploy) needs to build a monitoring strategy for a multi-vendor data center. The company has an established third party software as the monitoring and help desk system. 
Which option should be used to integrate Dell Server hardware into this monitoring architecture?
  1. Configure all Dell iDRACs to send alerts to the third party console. Use OME to do the rest of the lifecycle management.
  2. Configure all Dell iDRACs to send alerts to the third party console. Use iDRAC to perform update and deployment.
  3. Configure all Dell iDRACs to send alerts to OME to filter out wanted alerts and forward to the third party console. Build script to do the rest of the Dell server lifecycle management.
  4. Configure all Dell iDRACs to send alerts to OME to filter out wanted alerts and forward to the third party console. Use OME to do lifecycle management of Dell servers in the environment.
Correct answer: D
Question 10
An engineer needs to use OME to monitor 4000 servers in the environment. 
Which two tasks should the engineer perform to improve OME performance and scalability? (Choose two.)
  1. Increase OME discovery/inventory frequency
  2. Install OME on a physical server
  3. Install OME in a virtual server
  4. Use an external SQL instance
Correct answer: AD

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