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Vendor: Dell
Exam Code: DC0-261
Exam Name: Dell Storage Networking Professional - version 2
Date: Mar 08, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Navisphere CLI is typically installed with what other software package?
  1. Navisphere Manager
  2. Host Agent
  3. AccessLogix
  4. PowerPath
Correct answer: B
Question 2
Which two statements about Storage Area Networks (SANs) are true? (Choose two.)
  1. SANs enable the sharing of storage resources via IP / Ethernet networking.
  2. SANs enable the sharing of storage resources across a high speed, low latency, Fibre Channel network.
  3. SANs provide block level I/O access to storage resources.
  4. SANs provide file level I/O access to storage resources.
Correct answer: BC
Question 3
Which three statements are correct about zoning with Brocade switches? (Choose three.)
  1. Zoning configuration information is stored on the hosts.
  2. Zone aliases are not required to define a zone.
  3. A zone can be included in more than one zone configuration.
  4. Each zone must be given a unique name.
  5. Each device can be included in only one zone.
Correct answer: BCD
Question 4
Which term is another name for hard zoning in Fibre Channel switches?
  1. soft zoning
  2. WWN zoning
  3. port zoning
  4. switch zoning
Correct answer: C
Question 5
Where is the Host Agent privileged user list stored?
  1. on the Storage Area Network (SAN) for central access
  2. in an administrative share on the host server for host-to-host replication
  3. both locally and remotely on the SAN
  4. each Host Agent maintains its own local copy
Correct answer: D
Question 6
Which utility should you use to add LUN management functionality to a server when using SAN Copy?
  1. admhost 
  2. naviadm
  3. admcopy
  4. admsnap
Correct answer: A
Question 7
Which three statements about a GigaBit Interface Converter (GBIC) are true? (Choose three.)
  1. Single-mode optical can be used for long wavelength transmissions.
  2. A GBIC can convert the SCSI protocol into Fibre Channel.
  3. Multi-mode optical can be used for short wavelength transmissions.
  4. Small form pluggable LC transceivers build upon the GBIC standard.
  5. A GBIC terminates a Fibre loop.
Correct answer: ACD
Question 8
Which two components of a CX700 array do the standby power supplies connect to? (Choose two.)
  1. The left and right power distribution units (PDUs)
  2. Storage Processor Enclosure (SPE)
  3. the first Disk Array Enclosure (DAE2-OS)
  4. Disk Processor Enclosure (DPE)
Correct answer: BC
Question 9
Which three statements are correct about using SnapView? (Choose three.)
  1. SnapView can take snapshots, or point-in-time copies of LUNs.
  2. SnapView can make clones, or 100% duplicate copies of a LUN.
  3. Snapshots can take mere seconds to create.
  4. Snapshots are volume-level and thus able to restore specific files.
  5. Snapshots may be created using the admhost CLI utility.
Correct answer: ABC
Question 10
What are four characteristics of World Wide Names (WWNs)? (Choose four.)
  1. WWNs consist of a 128-bit value comprising a 64-bit node name and a 64-bit port name.
  2. WWNs can be used in an IP NIC
  3. WWNs are used to route SAN data and provide zoning and failover functionality.
  4. Each device has a pre-defined, unique address.
  5. More than one WWN can exist in a single host if the host contains multiple Host Bus Adapters (HBAs).
Correct answer: ACDE

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