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Exam CompTIA Security+
Number SY0-501
File Name CompTIA.PracticeTest.SY0-501.1e.91q.vcex
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Posted July 30, 2018


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Demo Questions

Question 1

A company determines that it is prohibitively expensive to become compliant with new credit card regulations. Instead, the company decides to purchase insurance to cover the cost of any potential loss. Which of the following is the company doing?

  • A: Transferring the risk
  • B: Accepting the risk
  • C: Avoiding the risk
  • D: Migrating the risk
Question 2

A company is using a mobile device deployment model in which employees use their personal devices for work at their own discretion. Some of the problems the company is encountering include the following:
There is no standardization.  
Employees ask for reimbursement for their devices. 
Employees do not replace their devices often enough to keep them running efficiently. 
The company does not have enough control over the devices. 
Which of the following is a deployment model that would help the company overcome these problems?

  • A: BYOD
  • B: VDI
  • C: COPE
  • D: CYOD
Question 3

A botnet has hit a popular website with a massive number of GRE-encapsulated packets to perform a DDoS attack. News outlets discover a certain type of refrigerator was exploited and used to send outbound packets to the website that crashed. To which of the following categories does the refrigerator belong?

  • A: SoC
  • B: ICS
  • C: IoT
  • D: MFD
Question 4

Users report the following message appears when browsing to the company’s secure site: This website cannot be trusted. Which of the following actions should a security analyst take to resolve these messages? (Select two.)

  • A: Verify the certificate has not expired on the server.
  • B: Ensure the certificate has a .pfx extension on the server.
  • C: Update the root certificate into the client computer certificate store.
  • D: Install the updated private key on the web server.
  • E: Have users clear their browsing history and relaunch the session.
Question 5

When trying to log onto a company’s new ticketing system, some employees receive the following message: Access denied: too many concurrent sessions. The ticketing system was recently installed on a small VM with only the recommended hardware specifications. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause for this error message?

  • A: Network resources have been exceeded.
  • B: The software is out of licenses.
  • C: The VM does not have enough processing power.
  • D: The firewall is misconfigured.
Question 6

Joe, an employee, wants to show his colleagues how much he knows about smartphones. Joe demonstrates a free movie application that he installed from a third party on his corporate smartphone. Joe’s colleagues were unable to find the application in the app stores. Which of the following allowed Joe to install the application? (Select two.)

  • A: Near-field communication.
  • B: Rooting/jailbreaking
  • C: Ad-hoc connections
  • D: Tethering
  • E: Sideloading
Question 7

Which of the following can be provided to an AAA system for the identification phase?

  • A: Username
  • B: Permissions
  • C: One-time token
  • D: Private certificate
Question 8

Which of the following implements two-factor authentication?

  • A: A phone system requiring a PIN to make a call
  • B: At ATM requiring a credit card and PIN
  • C: A computer requiring username and password
  • D: A datacenter mantrap requiring fingerprint and iris scan
Question 9

Malicious traffic from an internal network has been detected on an unauthorized port on an application server. 
Which of the following network-based security controls should the engineer consider implementing?

  • A: ACLs
  • B: HIPS
  • C: NAT
  • D: MAC filtering
Question 10

A network administrator wants to implement a method of securing internal routing. Which of the following should the administrator implement?

  • A: DMZ
  • B: NAT
  • C: VPN
  • D: PAT