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Exam CompTIA Security+
Number SY0-501
File Name CompTIA.cbtnuggets.SY0-501.v16-2.1e.521q.vcex
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Posted July 24, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Datacenter access is controlled with proximity badges that record all entries and exits from the datacenter. The access records are used to identify which staff members accessed the data center in the event of equipment theft. Which of the following MUST be prevented in order for this policy to be effective?

  • A: Password reuse
  • B: Phishing
  • C: Social engineering
  • D: Tailgating

Question 2
Elastic cloud computing environments often reuse the same physical hardware for multiple customers over time as virtual machines are instantiated and deleted. 
This has important implications for which of the following data security concerns? 

  • A: Hardware integrity
  • B: Data confidentiality
  • C: Availability of servers
  • D: Integrity of data

Question 3
When implementing fire suppression controls in a datacenter it is important to:

  • A: Select a fire suppression system which protects equipment but may harm technicians.
  • B: Ensure proper placement of sprinkler lines to avoid accidental leakage onto servers.
  • C: Integrate maintenance procedures to include regularly discharging the system.
  • D: Use a system with audible alarms to ensure technicians have 20 minutes to evacuate.

Question 4
A technician is deploying virtual machines for multiple customers on a single physical host to reduce power consumption in a data center. Which of the following should be recommended to isolate the VMs from one another?

  • A: Implement a virtual firewall
  • B: Install HIPS on each VM
  • C: Virtual switches with VLANs
  • D: Develop a patch management guide

Question 5
Mandatory vacations are a security control which can be used to uncover which of the following?

  • A: Fraud committed by a system administrator
  • B: Poor password security among users
  • C: The need for additional security staff
  • D: Software vulnerabilities in vendor code 

Question 6
Each server on a subnet is configured to only allow SSH access from the administrator's workstation. Which of the following BEST describes this implementation?

  • A: Host-based firewalls
  • B: Network firewalls
  • C: Network proxy
  • D: Host intrusion prevention

Question 7
During a security assessment, an administrator wishes to see which services are running on a remote server. Which of the following should the administrator use?

  • A: Port scanner
  • B: Network sniffer
  • C: Protocol analyzer
  • D: Process list

Question 8
In which of the following categories would creating a corporate privacy policy, drafting acceptable use policies, and group based access control be classified?

  • A: Security control frameworks
  • B: Best practice
  • C: Access control methodologies
  • D: Compliance activity

Question 9
A system administrator has noticed vulnerability on a high impact production server. A recent update was made available by the vendor that addresses the vulnerability but requires a reboot of the system afterwards. Which of the following steps should the system administrator implement to address the vulnerability?

  • A: Test the update in a lab environment, schedule downtime to install the patch, install the patch and reboot the server and monitor for any changes
  • B: Test the update in a lab environment, backup the server, schedule downtime to install the patch, install the patch, and monitor for any changes
  • C: Test the update in a lab environment, backup the server, schedule downtime to install the patch, install the update, reboot the server, and monitor for any changes
  • D: Backup the server, schedule downtime to install the patch, installs the patch and monitor for any changes

Question 10
Which of the following services are used to support authentication services for several local devices from a central location without the use of tokens?

  • A: TACACS+
  • B: Smartcards
  • C: Biometrics
  • D: Kerberos 



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