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Exam CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam
Number SY0-401
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Posted June 04, 2018


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Demo Questions

Question 1

Which of the following would a security administrator use to verify the integrity of a file?

  • A: Time stamp
  • B: MAC times
  • C: File descriptor
  • D: Hash
Question 2

Sara, a security administrator, manually hashes all network device configuration files daily and compares them to the previous days’ hashes. 
Which of the following security concepts is Sara using?

  • A: Confidentiality
  • B: Compliance
  • C: Integrity
  • D: Availability
Question 3

Matt, a forensic analyst, wants to obtain the digital fingerprint for a given message. The message is 160-bits long. 
Which of the following hashing methods would Matt have to use to obtain this digital fingerprint?

  • A: SHA1
  • B: MD2
  • C: MD4
  • D: MD5
Question 4

Company A submitted a bid on a contract to do work for Company B via email. Company B was insistent that the bid did not come from Company A. 
Which of the following would have assured that the bid was submitted by Company A?

  • A: Steganography
  • B: Hashing
  • C: Encryption
  • D: Digital Signatures
Question 5

An email client says a digital signature is invalid and the sender cannot be verified.  
Which of the following concepts is the recipient concerned with?

  • A: Integrity
  • B: Availability
  • C: Confidentiality
  • D: Remediation
Question 6

A software firm posts patches and updates to a publicly accessible FTP site. The software firm also posts digitally signed checksums of all patches and updates. 
The firm does this to address:

  • A: Integrity of downloaded software.
  • B: Availability of the FTP site.
  • C: Confidentiality of downloaded software.
  • D: Integrity of the server logs.
Question 7

It is important to staff who use email messaging to provide PII to others on a regular basis to have confidence that their messages are not intercepted or altered during transmission.  
Which of the following types of security control are they concerned about?

  • A: Integrity
  • B: Safety
  • C: Availability
  • D: Confidentiality
Question 8

Matt, a security administrator, wants to ensure that the message he is sending does not get intercepted or modified in transit.  
Which of the following concepts relates this concern to?

  • A: Availability
  • B: Integrity
  • C: Accounting
  • D: Confidentiality
Question 9

Which of the following is used by the recipient of a digitally signed email to verify the identity of the sender?

  • A: Recipient’s private key
  • B: Sender’s public key
  • C: Recipient’s public key
  • D: Sender’s private key
Question 10

Digital signatures are used for ensuring which of the following items? (Choose two.)

  • A: Confidentiality
  • B: Integrity
  • C: Non-Repudiation
  • D: Availability
  • E: Algorithm strength