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Exam CompTIA Server+
Number SK0-004
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Posted July 30, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A server administrator is implementing disk redundancy in all database servers. Which of the following RAID configurations should the administrator use so that a MINIMUM number of disks are required?

  • A: RAID 0
  • B: RAID 1
  • C: RAID 5
  • D: RAID 6

Question 2
A certain rack mounted blade server chassis needs 3-phase power for operation. There is currently only single-phase power coming into the room. The administrator needs to:

  • A: call an electrician to wire the single-phase power into 3-phase power.
  • B: use a single-phase UPS to power the 3-phase server.
  • C: call an electrician to see if 3-phase power can be brought into the room.
  • D: use an adapter to configure the server to use single-phase power.

Question 3
Which of the following is the MOST redundant power solution?

  • A: Two power supplies, each hooked up to individual legs of one 3-phase circuit.
  • B: Two power supplies, each hooked up to the same 1-phase circuit.
  • C: Two power supplies, each hooked up to separate 1-phase circuits.
  • D: One power supply hooked up to two 1-phase circuits.

Question 4
A system administrator needs to install an operating system onto a new server in a remote location using PXE. Which of the following methods will BEST accomplish this?

  • A: SSH
  • B: RDP
  • C: TFTP
  • D: HTTP

Question 5
A technician is installing an operating system on a server using source files on a USB storage device. The technician is unable to boot to the USB device using different USB ports on the server. Which of the following should the technician do to ensure that the operating system can be installed from the USB storage?

  • A: Copy the source files to a CD
  • B: Install the latest USB device drivers
  • C: Reconfigure the boot order
  • D: Update the BIOS firmware

Question 6
The IT director instructed the systems administrator to build a server to support the accounting department's file growth. The IT director requested that the accounting users have the ability to encrypt their files; however, the accounting users have reported the inability to encrypt their files. Which of the following file system types is MOST likely causing this issue?

  • A: QFS
  • B: ZFS
  • C: FAT32
  • D: CIFS
  • E: ext4

Question 7
Two servers are to be configured for high availability in a cluster. Both servers will be running applications at the same time. This feature is know as:

  • A: round robin.
  • B: heartbeat.
  • C: active/active.
  • D: active/passive.

Question 8
Which of the following is the purpose of an NTP server?

  • A: For hosting instant messaging applications
  • B: For synchronizing clocks on network devices
  • C: For file sharing and collaboration
  • D: For hosting newsgroups

Question 9
An administrator wishes to use KVM remotely to monitor and control a server farm. In order to perform this function:

  • A: remote control must be disabled on each server.
  • B: the host must be reachable via the IP address.
  • C: a serial cable must be available.
  • D: a monitor must be attached to every server.

Question 10
A system administrator needs to directly control a server that has no network connectivity. Which of the following should be used to accomplish this?

  • A: SSH
  • B: KVM
  • C: RDP
  • D: iLO/iDRAC



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