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Exam CompTIA Server+
Number SK0-004
File Name CompTIA Server+.CertDumps.SK0-004.2020-06-24.1e.384q.vcex
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Posted June 24, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A system administrator is troubleshooting a network connectivity issue and runs ipconfig/all on the host. The command returns the following:
IPv4 Address:
Subnet mask:
The client is configured for DHCP. Which of the following commands should be run on the client to resolve this issue? (Select TWO).

  • A: ipconfig/release
  • B: tracert
  • C: ipconfig/flushdns
  • D: ipconfig/renew
  • E: ipconfig/showclassid
  • F: nslookup

Question 2
A technician is assigned a task to configure a new server with six hard drives. The senior administrator requested the technician utilize the drives for maximum fault tolerance. Which of the following RAID configurations should the technician use?

  • A: RAID 3
  • B: RAID 5
  • C: RAID 10
  • D: RAID 0

Question 3
A technician is experiencing overheating on a rack mounted server. After powering off and removing the cover of the server, a large amount of dust is noticed on one of the fans. After cleaning out the dust and powering the server back on, the server is still overheating. Which of the following would BEST explain this issue?

  • A: The power supply has failed.
  • B: The server is using excessive power.
  • C: The hard drives are running too hot.
  • D: Some of the cooling fans are defective.

Question 4
A technician notices a rack mounted server is beeping without booting up. The NEXT step to diagnose this issue would be to:

  • A: continue to power cycle the server until it boots normally.
  • B: count the beeps and reference the service manual.
  • C: disable the alarm within the server.
  • D: install the server into a different rack.

Question 5
A technician is tasked with providing network-based high availability to a pair of identical web servers. Which of the following minimum server NIC configurations fulfills these requirements?

  • A: Two physical NICs per server: one NIC configured for multicast and one for broadcast.
  • B: One physical NIC per server: each individual NIC configured for network load balancing.
  • C: Two physical NICs per server: one NIC for network traffic, and one for web traffic.
  • D: One physical NIC per server: each NIC configured with the same MAC and IP address.

Question 6
Which of the following is a reason to have a remote cold site readily available in case of a disaster in the primary datacenter?

  • A: It provides a company with a redundant location that mirrors the primary datacenter hardware but requires no data restoration.
  • B: It provides a company with a backup location to install the necessary equipment to restore critical services.
  • C: It provides a company with a backup location equipped with resources necessary for immediate restoration of critical services.
  • D: It provides a company with a redundant location that mirrors the primary datacenter hardware and data.

Question 7
A mission critical server has faulted with a dead 66 MHz 3.3V PCI-X network interface card. The system administrator has been directed to get the server functional as soon as possible, even if it is connected with less bandwidth. There are no onsite spare cards available and the vendor does not expect to have the parts for at least a week. Which of the following immediately available NICs could be substituted instead?

  • A: 33 MHz 3.3V PCI
  • B: 66 MHz 5V PCI
  • C: 266 MHzx 3.3V PCI-X
  • D: 533 MHz 5V PCI-X

Question 8
A server is giving a fault code indicating that a RAM chip is producing errors and should be replaced. According to best practices, which of the following is the proper sequence of steps to replace the faulty module?

  • A: Attach ESD protection, open server case, replace module, close server case, baseline configuration
  • B: Open server case, baseline configuration, attach ESD protection, replace module, close server case
  • C: Attach ESD protection, baseline configuration, open server case, replace module, close server case
  • D: Open server case, replace module, attach ESD protection, close server case, baseline configuration

Question 9
A number of users are indicating that access to a network file server is responding very slowly when reading or writing to the share. The server administrator notes that a drive has failed in a four-disk RAID 5 array. The array is running in a degraded state because no hot spare was configured. After replacing the failed disk, which of the following steps would be BEST to take to prevent slow response after a drive failure?

  • A: Add a drive to the array, but do not configure it as a hot spare.
  • B: Add an additional hard drive, and convert the volume to a RAID 6 configuration.
  • C: Add an additional hard drive, and convert the volume to a RAID 10 configuration.
  • D: Add a drive to the array, and configure it as a cold spare.

Question 10
A server has been assigned a role of mail server. Which of the following services will be installed as a result of this selection?

  • A: SNMP
  • B: SMTP
  • C: TCP
  • D: DHCP
  • E: SFTP



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