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Exam CompTIA Project+
Number PK0-004
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Posted September 22, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A project manager is justifying a required change with the associated impact on the project. 
Which of the following is the NEXT step? 

  • A: Implementation
  • B: Approval
  • C: Validation
  • D: Auditing

Question 2
The PMO is responsible for: (Choose two.)

  • A: managing the project plan, scope, risk, and budget.
  • B: contributing expertise, deliverables, and estimates of costs.
  • C: setting standards and practices for the organization and providing governance.
  • D: outlining consequences of non-performance and coordinating between disparate projects.
  • E: approving funding, developing the project schedule, and gathering high-level requirements.

Question 3
A critical stakeholder has requested additional status updated beyond the schedule. 
Which of the following factors MOST likely needs to be accounted for when communication with this stakeholder?

  • A: Confidentiality
  • B: Criticality
  • C: Frequency
  • D: Cultural differences

Question 4
Which of the following activities are associated with the closing phase of a project? (Choose two.)

  • A: Risk mitigation
  • B: Archiving of project documents
  • C: Tracking of expenditures
  • D: Lessons learned
  • E: Quality assurance

Question 5
Which of the following describes a burn rate? 

  • A: The rate at which project documents are disposed.
  • B: The rate at which project personnel leave the project.
  • C: The rate at which the project budget is used.
  • D: The rate at which the timeline increases.

Question 6
The project manager for a TV tower construction project receives notification that a strong storm is expected the following week. 
Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

  • A: Evaluate the risk, inform major stakeholders about the problem, and issue a change request immediately.
  • B: Evaluate the risk, fill in the issue log, and communicate it according to the communication plan.
  • C: Evaluate the risk, develop a mitigation plan, and communicate it according to the communication plan.
  • D: Evaluate the risk, reschedule all outdoor tasks for a later time, and inform major stakeholders.

Question 7
One deliverable failed during testing, and this has already happened several times. 
Which of the following tools is MOST appropriate for the project team to use to determine the cause of the problem?

  • A: Run chart
  • B: Fishbone diagram
  • C: Scatter diagram
  • D: Gantt chart 

Question 8
During the initiation phase, a project manager has asked for a document containing the high-level objectives and goals for a project. 
Which of the following documents would contain these items? 

  • A: Business case
  • B: Requirements document
  • C: Project timeline
  • D: Task plan

Question 9
A team lead informs the project manager that the datacenter will not be accessible when the project needs to be completed. The team lead also indicates that the team member who is assigned to complete the datacenter project is out on medical leave. 
Which of the following should a project manager update to document this information?

  • A: A list of realized risks
  • B: A list of decomposed activities 
  • C: A sequenced list of project tasks
  • D: A document describing agreed-upon communication methods

Question 10
The executive sponsor asks a project manager to summarize the following for a project:
Final capital expenditures. 
Anticipated cost of new employee resources to support the solution. 
Maintenance estimates. 
Which of the following information should the project manager provide?

  • A: Cost baseline
  • B: Burn rate
  • C: Cost variance report
  • D: Total project cost



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