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Exam CompTIA Project+
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following MUST be clearly defined in a project charter?

  • A: Quality
  • B: Scope
  • C: Action items
  • D: WBS

Question 2
Which of the following is the MAIN difference between an open-ended and a close-ended problem statement?

  • A: An open-ended problem statement leads to multiple solutions, while a close-ended one has limitedsolutions.
  • B: An open-ended problem statement has a low success rate, while a close-ended problem statement hasa high success rate.
  • C: In open-ended problem statements, well defined resources cannot be allocated to the project, while aclose-ended one allows for defined resources.
  • D: An open-ended problem statement expands the scope of the project, while a close-ended one keeps theproject in scope.

Question 3
A project team member, Joe, has completed his project work. Although the project is not completed yet, Joe has been assigned by the PMO director to a new project. Which of the following describes the organization structure Joe works in?

  • A: Functional
  • B: Matrix
  • C: Project based
  • D: Strong Matrix

Question 4
Which of the following is used to provide a functional description of the efforts which are required in order to accomplish a task?

  • A: Gantt chart
  • B: PERT
  • C: GERT
  • D: WBS dictionary

Question 5
A project manager is entering the list of a project’s activities with their estimated begin and end time to visualize which activities overlap and when the project is scheduled to end. Which of the following is the project manager building?

  • A: Gantt chart
  • B: Work Breakdown Structure
  • C: Critical Path
  • D: PERT chart

Question 6
The project manager is sequencing a set of activities. They discover that some of the activities may or may not occur based on the outcome of other activities. Which of the following is BEST suited in this situation to show the activities’ logical relationship?

  • A: Gantt
  • B: ADM
  • C: CCB
  • D: CCM

Question 7
Which of the following is the MAIN difference between bottom up and top down cost estimation?

  • A: Bottom up leads to a more accurate cost estimate than top down because it is performed by subjectmatter experts
  • B: Top down leads to a more accurate cost estimate because it is performed by upper management withdirect access to budget information
  • C: Bottom up leads to a less accurate cost estimate because it is breaks down the task into smallersubtasks where some tasks may not have a cost
  • D: Both top down and bottom up are equally accurate estimation of a project’s total cost because they bothrefer to resources assigned by the project sponsor

Question 8
Which of the following purchasing processes should a project team use to ensure that the work will be done per company specifications, while selecting the overall cheapest provider?

  • A: RFI
  • B: RFP
  • C: RFC
  • D: RFQ

Question 9
One of the MAIN purposes of a kick-off meeting is to:

  • A: Assign and review roles and responsibilities to the project team.
  • B: Allow the project sponsor to introduce the project manager to the team.
  • C: Review the project definition document and make the appropriate changes.
  • D: Ensure project team members communicate amongst each others.

Question 10
After the ground breaking at a new construction site, the pile driving operation comes to a full stop due to the nature of the terrain. Which of the following is MOST likely to occur?

  • A: The project communication plan must be updated and a stakeholder meeting must be scheduled.
  • B: The project manager must manage the new issue as the project schedule could be delayed.
  • C: The project manager must implement conflict resolution and review the resource requirement.
  • D: The project scope statement must be reviewed and the project manager must prepare a performancereport.


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