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Exam CompTIA Network+ 2018
Number N10-007
File Name CompTIA Network+ 2018.VceDumps.N10-007.2019-01-18.1e.148q.vcex
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Posted January 18, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A network technician is creating a new subnet for 488 host machines. The technician is told to use a class B address scheme when making the subnet and is instructed to leave as much room as possible for additional subnets of the same size. Which of the following subnets would fulfill these requirements?

  • A:
  • B: 10,233.2.0/23
  • C:
  • D:
  • E: 192 168.25.0/24

Question 2
Which of the following protocols can be both connection-oriented and connectionless?

  • A: 20 FTP
  • B: 53 DNS
  • C: 67 DHCP
  • D: SO HTTP

Question 3
An ISP technician gets a call from a business that just changed equipment but can no longer connect to the Internet. The technician checks the ARP table on (he ISP switch, and there is no corresponding MAC address present. Instead, the entry is "Incomplete". Which of the following could cause this condition?

  • A: VLAN mismatch
  • B: Duplex/ Speed mismatch
  • C: Duplicate IP address
  • D: TX/RX reverse

Question 4
As part of a transition from a static to a dynamic routing protocol on an organization's internal network, the routing protocol must support IPv4 and VLSM. Based on those requirements, which of the following should the network administrator use? (Choose two.)

  • A: OSPF
  • B: IS IS
  • C: RIPv1
  • D: BGP
  • E: VRRP

Question 5
Which of the following is the number of broadcast domain that are created when using an unmanaged 12-port switch?

  • A: 0
  • B: 1
  • C: 2
  • D: 5
  • E: 12

Question 6
A Chief Information Officer (CIO) wants to move some IT services to a cloud service offering. However, the network administrator still wants to be able to control some parts of the cloud service's networking components. Which of the following should be leveraged to complete this task?

  • A: laaS
  • B: PaaS
  • C: SaaS
  • D: DaaS

Question 7
After a server outage, a technician discovers that a physically damaged fiber cable appears to be the problem. After replacing the cable, the server will still not connect to the network. Upon inspecting the cable at the server end, the technician discovers light can be seen through one of the two fiber strands. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST to reconnect the server to the network?

  • A: Reverse the fiber strands of the cable and reconnect them to the server
  • B: Use a TDR to test both strands of a new replacement cable prior to connecting it to the server
  • C: Replace the server's single-mode fiber cable with multimode fiber
  • D: Move the fiber cable to different port on the switch where both strands function

Question 8
A small town is attempting to attract tourists who visit larger nearby cities. A network engineer is asked to implement a network encompassing the five- block town center and nearby businesses. The inclusion of smartphones and portable devices is crucial to the plan. Which of the following is the network engineer being asked to implement?

  • A: LAN
  • B: PAN
  • C: MAN
  • D: WAN

Question 9
A network technician wants to remotely and securely access the desktop of a Linux workstation. The desktop is running remote control software without encryption. Which of the following should the technician use to secure the connection?

  • A: SSH in tunnel mode
  • B: RDP set to console connection
  • D: SFTP

Question 10
A UTM is deployed on the external edge of the main corporate office. The office connects to the WAN port of the edge router. The edge router at the main office connects to the remote offices using GRE IPSec tunnels. A network administrator notices that a worm that was not detected by the UTM has spread from the remote sites into the corporate network. The UTM currently has traffic rules applied that should block the port used by the worm. Which of the following steps would MOST likely correct this issue?

  • A: Move the UTM onto the LAN side of the network
  • B: Enable TLS inspection on the UTM
  • C: Enable stateful inspection on the UTM
  • D: Configure the UTM to deny encrypted files from being transferred



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