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Exam CompTIA Network+
Number N10-007
File Name CompTIA Network+ 2018.selftestengine.N10-007.2018-11-11.1e.148q.vcex
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Posted November 11, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A network technician notices the site-to-site VPN and Internet connection have not come back up at a branch office after a recent power outage. Which of the following is an out-of-band method the technician would MOST likely utilize to check the branch office’s router status?

  • A: Use a modem to console into the router
  • B: Walk a user through troubleshooting the connection
  • C: Travel to the branch office
  • D: Hire a contractor to go on-site

Question 2
A network technician is considering opening ports on the firewall for an upcoming VoIP PBX implementation. Which of the following protocols is the technician MOST likely to consider? (Choose three.)

  • A: SIP
  • B: NTP
  • C: H.323
  • D: SMB
  • E: ICMP
  • F: RTP
  • G: IPSec
  • H: RDP

Question 3
A device operating at Layer 3 of the OSI model uses which of the following protocols to determine the path to a different network?

  • A: STP
  • B: RTP
  • C: RIP
  • D: NTP
  • E: SIP

Question 4
A network administrator is setting up a web-based application that needs to be continually accessible to the end users. Which of the following concepts would BEST ensure this requirement?

  • A: High availability
  • B: Snapshots
  • C: NIC teaming
  • D: Cold site

Question 5
Which of the following devices should a network administrator configure on the outermost part of the network?

  • A: Media converter
  • B: Switch
  • C: Modem
  • D: Firewall

Question 6
A company finds that many desktops are being reported as missing or lost. Which of the following would BEST assist in recovering these devices?

  • A: Asset tracking tags
  • B: Motion detectors
  • C: Security guards
  • D: Computer locks

Question 7
A technician is connecting a router directly to a PC using the G1/0/1 interface. Without the use of auto-sensing ports, which of the following cables should be used?

  • A: Straight-through
  • B: Console
  • C: Rollover
  • D: Crossover

Question 8
A technician is diagnosing an issue with a new T1 connection. The router is configured, the cable is connected, but the T1 is down. To verify the configuration of the router, which of the following tools should the technician use?

  • A: Loopback adapter
  • B: Cable tester
  • C: Tone generator
  • D: Multimeter

Question 9
A network technician receives a call from a user who is experiencing network connectivity issues. The network technician questions the user and learns the user brought in a personal wired router to use multiple computers and connect to the network. Which of the following has the user MOST likely introduced to the network?

  • A: Rogue DHCP server
  • B: Evil twin
  • C: VLAN mismatch
  • D: Honeypot

Question 10
A technician is setting up a direct connection between two older PCs so they can communicate but not be on the corporate network. The technician does not have access to a spare switch but does have spare Cat 6 cables, RJ-45 plugs, and a crimping tool. The technician cuts off one end of the cable. Which of the following should the technician do to make a crossover cable before crimping the new plug?

  • A: Reverse the wires leading to pins 1 and 2
  • B: Reverse the wires leading to pins 1 and 3
  • C: Reverse the wires leading to pins 2 and 3
  • D: Reverse the wires leading to pins 2 and 4


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