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Exam CompTIA Network+ 2018
Number N10-007
File Name CompTIA Network+ 2018.Real-exams.N10-007.2019-06-16.1e.189q.vcex
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Posted June 16, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following policies would Joe, a user, have to agree to when he brings in his personal tablet to connect to the company’s guest wireless Internet?

  • A: NDA
  • B: IRP
  • C: BYOD
  • D: SLA

Question 2
In a service provider network, a company has an existing IP address scheme. Company A’s network currently uses the following scheme:


Company b uses the following scheme:
Subnet 1:

The network administrator cannot force the customer to update its IP scheme. Considering this, which of the following is the BEST way for the company to connect these networks? 

  • A: DMZ
  • B: PAT 
  • C: NAT
  • D: VLAN

Question 3
A network engineer is designing a new network for a remote site. The remote site consists of ten desktop computers, ten VoIP phones, and two network printers. In addition, two of the desktop computers at the remote site will be used by managers who should be on a separate network from the other eight computers. Which of the following represents the BEST configuration for the remote site?

  • A: One router connected to one 24-port switch configured with three VLANS: one for the manager’s computers and printer, one for the other computers and printer, and one for the VoIP phones
  • B: Two routers with each router connected to a 12-port switch, with a firewall connected to the switch connected to the manager’s desktop computers, VoIP phones, and printer
  • C: One router connected to one 12-port switch configured for the manager’s computers, phones, and printer, and one 12-port switch configured for the other computers, VoIP phones, and printer
  • D: One router connected to one 24-port switch configured with two VLANS: one for the manager’s computers, VoIP phones, and printer, and one for the other computers, VoIP phones, and printer

Question 4
A network technician is troubleshooting an end-user connectivity problem. The network technician goes to the appropriate IDF but is unable to identify the appropriate cable due to poor labeling. Which of the following should the network technician use to help identify the appropriate cable?

  • A: Tone generator
  • B: Multimeter
  • C: OTDR
  • D: Loopback adapter 

Question 5
A network technician notices the site-to-site VPN and Internet connection have not come back up at a branch office after a recent power outage. Which of the following is an out-of-band method the technician would MOST likely utilize to check the branch office’s router status?

  • A: Use a modem to console into the router
  • B: Walk a user through troubleshooting the connection
  • C: Travel to the branch office
  • D: Hire a contractor to go on-site

Question 6
A network technician is considering opening ports on the firewall for an upcoming VoIP PBX implementation. Which of the following protocols is the technician MOST likely to consider? (Choose three.)

  • A: SIP
  • B: NTP
  • C: H.323
  • D: SMB
  • E: ICMP
  • F: RTP
  • G: IPSec
  • H: RDP

Question 7
Which of the following is the number of broadcast domain that are created when using an unmanaged 12-port switch?

  • A: 0
  • B: 1
  • C: 2
  • D: 6
  • E: 12

Question 8
A network engineer wants to a segment the network into multiple broadcast domains. Which of the following devices would allow for communication between the segments?

  • A: Layer 2 switch
  • B: Layer 3 switch
  • C: Bridge
  • D: Load balancer

Question 9
The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has noticed the corporate wireless signal is available in the parking lot. Management requests that the wireless network be changed so it is no longer accessible in public areas, without affecting the availability inside the building. Which of the following should be changed on the network?

  • A: Power levels
  • B: Overcapacity
  • C: Distance limitations
  • D: Channel overlap

Question 10
A network technician is assisting the security team with some traffic captures. The security team wants to capture all traffic on a single subnet between the router and the core switch. To do so, the team must ensure there is only a single collision and broadcast domain between the router and the switch from which they will collect traffic. Which of the following should the technician install to BEST meet the goal?

  • A: Bridge
  • B: Crossover cable
  • C: Hub
  • D: Media converter



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