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Exam CompTIA Network+ 2018
Number N10-007
File Name CompTIA Network+ 2018.CertDumps.N10-007.2020-02-12.1e.438q.vcex
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Posted February 12, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A technician has installed multiple new PC clients and is connecting them to the network. Only one client is receiving IP addressing information. Which of the following should the technician verify as the NEXT troubleshooting step?

  • A: DHCP scope
  • B: DHCP lease
  • C: Default gateway
  • D: DNS zone

Question 2
While working on a Linux-based OS, a technician experiences an issue accessing some servers and some sites by name. Which of the following command-line tools should the technician use to assist in troubleshooting?

  • A: dig
  • B: iptables
  • C: ifconfig
  • D: traceroute

Question 3
A technician discovers that multiple switches require a major update. Which of the following policies should be followed?

  • A: Change management policy
  • B: Remote access policy
  • C: Acceptable use policy
  • D: Memorandum of understanding

Question 4
A zero-day vulnerability is discoverd that affects a specific network device. This vulnerability only affects services on port 21. This network device is restricted to use only secure protocols and services. Which of the following explains why this device is secure?

  • A: Because secure protocols would reject malicious packets
  • B: Because SCP is not a secure service
  • C: Because FTP is not a secure service
  • D: Because a secure firewall will protect the device

Question 5
A new building needs to be joined to an existing network, but management has decided that running fiber is too expensive. Since the buildings are bout 1000ft (305m) apart, the IT department has been asked to propose alternatives. Which of the following is the BEST device to add to each building to facilitate the extension of the network while meeting budgetary demands?

  • A: Switch
  • B: Router
  • C: Media converter
  • D: PTP wireless

Question 6
A technician is allocating the IP address space needed for a new remote office. This office will contain the engineering staff with six employees and the digital marketing staff with 55 employees. The technician has decided to allocate the block to the remote office. The engineering staff has been allocated the subnet. Using the LEAST amount of space possible, which of the following would be the last usable IP address in the engineering subnet?

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:

Question 7
Which of the following backup techniques is used to capture all the data that has changed since the last full backup?

  • A: Incremental
  • B: Replica
  • C: Differential
  • D: Snapshot

Question 8
Wireless users have been experiencing connectivity problems. Investigation shows neighboring wireless appliances, which are not connected to the network, have been on the same 5GHz frequency to communicate. Which of the following wireless performance problem concepts defines this issue? 

  • A: Interference 
  • B: Distance limitation 
  • C: Signal-to-noise ratio 
  • D: Absorption 

Question 9
A network engineer is working on a network connectivity problem between a site in California and a site in New York. The connection went down overnight, and the engineer is unsure where the connection failed. The technician is logged into the primary switch in the customer’s network, which is also the company’s connection to the WAN.  
Which of the following tools should the technician use to determine the last available network hop?

  • A: netstat
  • B: Nmap
  • C: traceroute
  • D: pathping

Question 10
A new user is reporting connectivity issues. Zach, the network technician, notices that there is no link light on the user's NIC. Which of the following would be used to verify the wiring back to the patch panel?

  • A: Butt set
  • B: Cable certifier
  • C: Toner probe
  • D: Snips



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