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Exam CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-002)
Number CV0-002
File Name CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-002).PracticeTest.CV0-002.2019-06-30.1e.78q.vcex
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Posted June 30, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A cloud administrator is provisioning five VMs, each with a minimum of 8GB of RAM and a varying load throughout the day. The hypervisor has only 32GB of RAM. 
Which of the following features should the administrator use?

  • A: Memory overcommitment
  • B: Thin-provisioned model
  • C: Process scheduling
  • D: Hyperthreading

Question 2
Several SaaS providers support identity federation for authentication. Which of the following would BEST assist in enabling federation? 

  • A: SAML
  • B: NTLM
  • C: MFA
  • D: PKI

Question 3
A company is interested in a DRP. The purpose of the plan is to recover business as soon as possible. The MOST effective technique is:

  • A: archiving.
  • B: network clustering.
  • C: site mirroring.
  • D: active/active.

Question 4
A new SaaS timecard application that is being tested will be used by all employees at a large corporation. The following process was used to test the application:
Three users from each site used the application for three weeks. 
The new application was used side by side with the existing application. 
The outputs of the old and new applications were compared side by side. 
Which of the following requirements did the testing plan confirm? (Select two.)

  • A: High availability
  • B: Performance
  • C: Connectivity
  • D: Data integrity
  • E: Sizing
  • F: Security

Question 5
A cloud engineer is using a hosted service for aggregating the logs for all the servers in a public cloud environment. Each server is configured via syslog to send its logs to a central location. A new version of the application was recently deployed, and the SaaS server now stops processing logs at noon each day. In reviewing the system logs, the engineer notices the size of the logs has increased by 50% each day. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason the logs are not being published after noon?

  • A: The logging directory does not have sufficient storage space.
  • B: The syslog service is not running on the servers.
  • C: The data limit has been exceeded at the SaaS provider.
  • D: There is a cloud service provider outage.

Question 6
A cloud administrator notices one of the servers is using the wrong set of NTP servers. The administrator needs to avoid the same issue in the future but needs to minimize administration resources. Which of the following tools should a cloud administrator deploy to meet this requirement?

  • A: Patching tools
  • B: Monitoring tools
  • C: Configuration tools
  • D: Deployment tools

Question 7
The legal department requires eDiscovery of hosted file shares. To set up access, which of the following is the BEST method to ensure the eDiscovery analyst only has the ability to search but not change configuration or settings?

  • A: PKI 
  • B: SSO
  • C: MFA
  • D: RBAC

Question 8
When designing a new private cloud platform, a cloud engineer wants to make sure the new hypervisor can be configured as fast as possible by cloning the OS from the other hypervisor. The engineer does not want to use local drives for the hypervisors. Which of the following storage types would BEST suit the engineer's needs?

  • A: CAS
  • B: NAS
  • C: DAS
  • D: SAN

Question 9
A cloud engineer deployed an email server in a public cloud. Users can access the email server, but the emails they send cannot reach their destinations. Which of the following should the cloud engineer do FIRST?

  • A: Confirm the email server configuration and reinstall the email server software.
  • B: Validate the security certificate for the email domain.
  • C: Confirm email encryption service.
  • D: Consult the cloud vendor’s anti-spam policy.

Question 10
A file server is being migrated from physical hardware into a private cloud. Baselining of the server shows the disks average 90% full at all times. The contents of the file server consist mostly of compressed audio files. Multiple copies of the same files are often saved in different locations on the same disk. Which of the following storage technologies is MOST likely to help minimize storage utilization when moving this server to the private cloud?

  • A: Compression
  • B: Thin provisioning
  • C: Deduplication
  • D: Tokenization



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