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Exam CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)
Number CAS-003
File Name CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP).DumpsArena.CAS-003.2021-05-02.1e.293q.vcex
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Demo Questions

Question 1
The Chief Information Officer (CIO) wants to increase security and accessibility among the organization’s cloud SaaS applications. The applications are configured to use passwords, and two-factor authentication is not provided natively.  
Which of the following would BEST address the CIO’s concerns?

  • A: Procure a password manager for the employees to use with the cloud applications.
  • B: Create a VPN tunnel between the on-premises environment and the cloud providers.
  • C: Deploy applications internally and migrate away from SaaS applications.
  • D: Implement an IdP that supports SAML and time-based, one-time passwords.

Question 2
The marketing department has developed a new marketing campaign involving significant social media outreach. The campaign includes allowing employees and customers to submit blog posts and pictures of their day-to-day experiences at the company. The information security manager has been asked to provide an informative letter to all participants regarding the security risks and how to avoid privacy and operational security issues.  
Which of the following is the MOST important information to reference in the letter?

  • A: After-action reports from prior incidents.
  • B: Social engineering techniques
  • C: Company policies and employee NDAs
  • D: Data classification processes 

Question 3
Following a recent network intrusion, a company wants to determine the current security awareness of all of its employees.  
Which of the following is the BEST way to test awareness?

  • A: Conduct a series of security training events with comprehensive tests at the end
  • B: Hire an external company to provide an independent audit of the network security posture
  • C: Review the social media of all employees to see how much proprietary information is shared
  • D: Send an email from a corporate account, requesting users to log onto a website with their enterprise account 

Question 4
A technician is reviewing the following log:


Which of the following tools should the organization implement to reduce the highest risk identified in this log?

  • A: NIPS
  • B: DLP
  • C: NGFW
  • D: SIEM

Question 5
Given the following information about a company’s internal network: 
User IP space:
Server IP space:
A security engineer has been told that there are rogue websites hosted outside of the proper server space, and those websites need to be identified.  
Which of the following should the engineer do?

  • A: Use a protocol analyzer on
  • B: Use a port scanner on
  • C: Use an HTTP interceptor on 
  • D: Use a port scanner on
  • E: Use a protocol analyzer on
  • F: Use an HTTP interceptor on

Question 6
A deployment manager is working with a software development group to assess the security of a new version of the organization’s internally developed ERP tool. The organization prefers to not perform assessment activities following deployment, instead focusing on assessing security throughout the life cycle. 
Which of the following methods would BEST assess the security of the product?

  • A: Static code analysis in the IDE environment
  • B: Penetration testing of the UAT environment
  • C: Vulnerability scanning of the production environment
  • D: Penetration testing of the production environment
  • E: Peer review prior to unit testing

Question 7
A security administrator is advocating for enforcement of a new policy that would require employers with privileged access accounts to undergo periodic inspections and review of certain job performance data. To which of the following policies is the security administrator MOST likely referring?

  • A: Background investigation
  • B: Mandatory vacation
  • C: Least privilege
  • D: Separation of duties

Question 8
A security administrator wants to allow external organizations to cryptographically validate the company’s domain name in email messages sent by employees. 
Which of the following should the security administrator implement?

  • A: SPF
  • B: S/MIME
  • C: TLS
  • D: DKIM

Question 9
A security analyst is reviewing the corporate MDM settings and notices some disabled settings, which consequently permit users to download programs from untrusted developers and manually install them. After some conversations, it is confirmed that these settings were disabled to support the internal development of mobile applications. The security analyst is now recommending that developers and testers have a separate device profile allowing this, and that the rest of the organization’s users do not have the ability to manually download and install untrusted applications. 
Which of the following settings should be toggled to achieve the goal? (Choose two.)

  • A: OTA updates
  • B: Remote wiping
  • C: Side loading
  • D: Sandboxing
  • E: Containerization
  • F: Signed applications

Question 10
A security analyst, who is working in a Windows environment, has noticed a significant amount of IPv6 traffic originating from a client, even though IPv6 is not currently in use. The client is a stand-alone device, not connected to the AD that manages a series of SCADA devices used for manufacturing. 
Which of the following is the appropriate command to disable the client’s IPv6 stack? 


  • A: Option A
  • B: Option B
  • C: Option C
  • D: Option D


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