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Exam CompTIA A+
Number 220-902
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An end user needs to completely re-install Windows 7 on a home computer but it did not come with any OS discs. How would a technician accomplish this?

  • A: Recovery partition
  • B: Primary partition
  • C: System restore
  • D: System refresh

Question 2
A user is unable to find the preferred default network printer in the printers list in the user profile. Which of the following is the FIRST step that should be taken?

  • A: Map printer
  • B: Reboot computer
  • C: Check to see if printer is turned on
  • D: Log in as a different user and see if printer is mapped

Question 3
A technician needs to perform a backup while a system is running. Which of the following services allows this task to be accomplished?

  • A: Robocopy
  • B: Shadow copy
  • C: Xcopy
  • D: System restore

Question 4
A technician has been tasked with loading the operating system on every PC with a blank hard drive on a network. The technician wishes to install the operating system with minimal physical interaction with the PCs. Which of the following is the BEST way to accomplish this?

  • A: Clone the operating system from an image onto optical media.
  • B: Use the original software media to load the operation system on every PC.
  • C: Set up a central image that the PCs can load from a PXE boot.
  • D: Create an image and copy it from a USB drive using an unattended answer file.

Question 5
A technician is navigating through a Windows OS via command prompt. The technician needs to display the content of a folder. Which of the following is the BEST option for accomplishing this task?

  • A: dir
  • B: ls
  • C: rd
  • D: cmd

Question 6
A network administrator needs to connect to resources from an offsite location while ensuring the traffic is protected. Which of the following should the administrator use to gain access to the secure network?

  • A: SSH
  • B: VPN
  • C: SFTP
  • D: RDP

Question 7
A user states that when typing in directions on a navigation website, the map is not viewable in a newer web browser. The technician runs updates to Java, but is still unable to view the map. The technician should change which of the following Internet Options?

  • A: Compatibility view
  • B: Manage add-ons
  • C: Clear browser cache
  • D: Pop-up blocker

Question 8
A technician has successfully completed a gpupdate from a CMD box of a user’s PC and is ready to move to the next user. Which of the following is the appropriate NEXT step? (Select TWO).

  • A: View the CMD process in Task Manager
  • B: Type EXIT at the command prompt and press Enter
  • C: Minimize the CMD box to the taskbar
  • D: Click the “x” in the top right of the CMD window
  • E: Select Switch User on the PC

Question 9
An administrator is in a Remote Assistance session, sharing a user’s desktop. While trying to map a shared network drive for the user, an “access denied” error is encountered while using the user’s credentials. Which of the following should be the administrator’s NEXT step?

  • A: Ensure the user’s account is not locked out
  • B: Use the fully qualified domain name of the share
  • C: Open the location with administrator privileges
  • D: Try mapping with a different drive letter

Question 10
Ann, a user, discovers that all of her documents will not open. The documents open properly on another computer. Which of the following tools will be the FASTEST for a technician to use to allow the documents to open?

  • A: Backup
  • B: Recovery Image
  • C: chkdsk
  • D: System Restore



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