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Exam CompTIA A+
Number 220-902
File Name CompTIA A+.test-inside.220-902.2019-07-05.1e.221q.vcex
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Posted July 05, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A technician is instructed to configure a new workstation to boot the OS from the network. The technician must enable which of the following FIRST?

  • A: PXE
  • B: WOL
  • C: WiFi
  • D: UPNP

Question 2
When using Microsoft Windows 8.1 Operating System, which of the following features allows scripts and snippets to run?

  • A: One Drive
  • B: XP Mode
  • C: Power Shell
  • D: Windows Firewall

Question 3
A technician is remotely connecting to a workstation using SSH to transfer a security hotfix. Which of the following command line tools would the technician use to create a directory to store the hotfix?

  • A: dir
  • B: rd
  • C: cd
  • D: md

Question 4
A customer with a PC has requested assistance setting up Windows 7 parental controls within the web browser. The customer would like to limit how much time a child can spend on a particular website. Which of the following tabs under Internet Options will allow the user to create those settings?

  • A: Privacy
  • B: Advanced
  • C: Security
  • D: Content

Question 5
An administrator has a new workstation that has been loaded with the Windows OS and configured with the proper IP settings. The workstation needs to be added to the corporation’s domain. Which of the following utilities will the administrator access to configure this setting?

  • A: System Properties
  • B: System Information
  • C: System Protection
  • D: System Management

Question 6
Which of the following should be used to ensure that a Windows OS is functioning optimally?

  • A: Driver updates
  • B: Scheduled backups
  • C: Application updates
  • D: Restore points

Question 7
A technician needs to log into a user's computer to fix the user's corrupt local profile. Which of the following connectivity tools will allow the technician to connect to the user’s computer?

  • A: Remote Assistance
  • B: Virtual Private Network
  • C: Computer Management
  • D: Remote Desktop

Question 8
Ann, a user, discovers that all of her documents will not open. The documents open properly on another computer. Which of the following tools will be the FASTEST for a technician to use to allow the documents to open?

  • A: Backup
  • B: Recovery Image
  • C: chkdsk
  • D: System Restore

Question 9
A technician is tasked with enabling TLS version 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 on a client Internet Explorer browser. Which of the following Internet Options Tabs should the technician look to enable the aforementioned TLS settings?

  • A: Advanced
  • B: Security
  • C: Privacy
  • D: Connections

Question 10
A second hard drive is added to a Windows desktop. A technician must initialize and create volumes on the drive. Which of the following command line utilities should the technician use to accomplish this?

  • A: robocopy
  • B: chkdsk
  • C: DiskPart
  • D: lvm
  • E: format



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