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Exam CompTIA A+
Number 220-901
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A technician needs to run a diagnostic DVD on a laptop running Windows 8.1. After setting the boot order in the UEFI BIOS to the internal DVD-RW drive, the laptop still boots into Windows. Which of the following settings needs to be adjusted in order for the laptop to boot from the DVD-RW drive?

  • A: TPM
  • B: Virtualization
  • C: Secure boot
  • D: UEFI BIOS password

Question 2
A technician connects a second monitor to a desktop. It is physically located to the right of the existing monitor, but the mouse pointer can only get to the second monitor by moving to the left edge of the screen of the first monitor. Which of following display settings needs to be adjusted to get the pointer to move with the physical placement of the monitor?

  • A: Scaling
  • B: Rotation
  • C: Position
  • D: Resolution

Question 3
Which of the following types of cables are MOST likely to be used to connect to an external hard drive? (Select TWO).

  • A: Molex
  • B: SPDIF
  • C: eSATA
  • D: HDMI
  • E: USB 3.0
  • F: CAT6e

Question 4
A customer is building a high-end gaming PC and is seeking an appropriate power supply unit. Which of the following feature-sets of a power supply should be installed? (Select THREE).

  • A: Mini-ITX form factor
  • B: High number of connectors
  • C: 24-pin main connector
  • D: 20-pin main connector
  • E: 350-450 watts of power
  • F: Dual 12v rails

Question 5
Which of the following is required during the installation of a digitizer?

  • A: Must be connected to the Internet
  • B: Must be cleaned
  • C: Must have the latest software installed
  • D: Must be calibrated

Question 6
A technician is troubleshooting an expansion card in a computer that allows the computer to receive faxes over a VoIP line. 
The line connected to the expansion card is MOST likely which of the following cable types?

  • A: Coaxial
  • B: CAT3
  • C: CAT6
  • D: Multi-mode fiber
  • E: Single-mode fiber

Question 7
For which of the following types of printers should a technician obtain a maintenance kit containing a fuser, transfer roller, and pickup rollers?

  • A: Thermal
  • B: Impact
  • C: Inkjet
  • D: Laser

Question 8
Which of the following cable connection types is an example of a mini DIN?

  • A: BNC
  • B: PS/2
  • C: RCA
  • D: DB9

Question 9
A customer wants a computer for performing a single-threaded task as quickly as possible. Which of the following CPU characteristics is the MOST important?

  • A: Clock speed
  • B: Hyperthreading
  • C: Fan speed
  • D: Number of cores

Question 10
Which of the following display technologies provides the BEST range of visible colors?

  • A: CRT
  • B: LCD
  • C: Plasma
  • D: OLED



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