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Vendor: Citrix
Exam Code: 1Y0-341
Exam Name: Citrix ADC Advanced Topics - Security, Management and Optimization
Date: Apr 20, 2021
File Size: 20 KB

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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two settings can be used when creating a Cache Content group? (Choose two.)
  1. Use DNS Query.
  2. Use browser settings.
  3. Expire cookies.
  4. Remove response cookies.
  5. Set Lazy DNS resolution.
Correct answer: DE
Question 2
Which three options can be used to specify the destination of an HTTP Callout? (Choose three.)
  1. Load balancing Virtual server.
  2. Global server load balancing Virtual server.
  3. Citrix ADC Gateway Virtual server.
  4. Content switching Virtual server.
  5. Cache redirection Virtual server.
Correct answer: ADE
Question 3
What can a Citrix Engineer do to decrease browser load times by increasing the number of parallel connections to the resource?
  1. Add more web servers.
  2. Configure Domain Sharding.
  3. Block JavaScript on client browsers.
  4. Do NOT allow HTML websites.
Correct answer: B
Question 4
A Citrix Engineer has enabled learning on Application Firewall for all the Security checks on a basic profile that is configured in a production environment. 
However, after a few hours, the Application Firewall has stopped learning new data. What is causing the issue?
  1. The learning database is limited to 20 MB in size and needs a reset.
  2. All the Security checks CANNOT be enabled simultaneously.
  3. Application Firewall learning can only be enabled for an advanced profile.
  4. Application Firewall learning should only be enabled on Start URL.
Correct answer: A
Question 5
The NetScaler logging client server can be installed and configured to store the log for ____.  
(Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)
  1. status of all the HTTP and HTTPS backend web servers
  2. HTTP and HTTPS active connections on the NetScaler
  3. statistics of the HTTP and HTTPS web sites load balanced on NetScaler
  4. HTTP and HTTPS requests processed by the NetScaler
Correct answer: D
Question 6
In PCRE, the only characters assumed to be literals are ____. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)
  1. 0-9
  2. A-Z
  3. a-z, A-Z
  4. a-z, A-Z, 0-9
Correct answer: C
Question 7
Which security option falls under the Negative Security Model for Citrix Application Firewall?
  1. Start URL
  2. HTML Cross-Site Scripting
  3. Content-type
  4. Signature
Correct answer: D
Question 8
A Citrix Engineer needs to create an Citrix Web App Firewall Profile. Which statement is applicable when using Signatures for creating an Citrix Web App Firewall Profile?
  1. No Custom Signatures can be used.
  2. No Signatures are bound to the profile.
  3. Only external format Signatures can be used.
  4. The Default Signatures are bound to the profile.
Correct answer: B
Question 9
A Citrix Engineer needs to configure the Application Firewall to do a credit card check using the command-line interface (CLI) and configure the profile to obscure the credit card number. Which parameter will the engineer add in the CLI to encrypt the credit card numbers in the logs?
  1. creditCardAction BLOCK
  2. -creditCardMaxAllowed
  3. -creditCardXOut ON
  4. doSecureCreditCardLogging ON
Correct answer: D
Question 10
A Citrix Engineer is trying to optimize a website that is load balanced on a NetScaler and is accessed by mobile users.The web application is complex and made up of hundreds of embedded images, scripts, and other objects per page. This limitation is creating a significant bottleneck, resulting in excessive load times. 
Which NetScaler feature can the engineer use to optimize the web application?
  1. Domain Sharding
  2. Multipath TCP
  3. Minification
  4. SPDY (Speedy)
Correct answer: A

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