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Vendor: Cisco
Exam Code: 840-450
Exam Name: Mastering The Cisco Business Architecture Discipline
Date: Aug 20, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which statement about a business capability is true?
  1. It includes and identifies technology products.
  2. It supports one or more outcomes.
  3. It should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound.
  4. It must support multiple outcomes.
Correct answer: B
Question 2
Which two statements about a business roadmap are true? (Choose two.)
  1. It provides a high-level, multiyear strategic plan for transforming the business.
  2. It identifies the relationship between the business stakeholders and business drivers.
  3. It is based on the business model canvas template.
  4. It includes a business strategy value map and a customer journey map.
  5. It maps all key solutions that are linked to business goals and prioritizes the execution of each solution.
Correct answer: AC
Question 3
Which definition of gross profit is true?
  1. financial consequences of investments and actions
  2. capital and operating expenditures
  3. income that remains after considering the cost of goods sold
  4. administration and sales expenses necessary to run day-to-day operations
Correct answer: C
Question 4
Which two steps are part of the Seven Elements Framework? (Choose two.)
  1. know personal history
  2. relationship
  3. compromise
  4. detailed talk track
  5. options
Correct answer: BE
Question 5
You are setting a strategy to support the target state of business. Which two factors help you to choose the necessary business capabilities? (Choose two.)
  1. business drivers
  2. business roadmap
  3. business outcomes
  4. business priorities
  5. business architecture
Correct answer: AD
Question 6
Which first step to create a customer journey map is viable?
  1. Present an architecture of another similar customer.
  2. Create a story board.
  3. Evaluate all your steakholders’ motives.
  4. Create a workflow of tasks and business procedures.
Correct answer: B
Question 7
A customer sees technology as an opportunity to enable the business. Which two engagement maturity levels most likely describe this customer? (Choose two.)
  1. technology single domain
  2. business solutions
  3. technology architecture
  4. technology multidomain
  5. technology specific
Correct answer: CE
Question 8
An engagement at the business solutions maturity level addresses which customer question?
  1. How do I measure the business impact of technology investments?
  2. How do I transform my business capabilities?
  3. How do I facilitate innovation as a service by fast-tracking technology enablement?
  4. What are the benefits of a multidomain data center and collaboration architecture?
Correct answer: B
Question 9
What is the goal of job mapping?
  1. to define the stated job requirements
  2. to evaluate the existing skills and competencies of employees against the stated job requirements
  3. to create a mind map of processes that are used within a job
  4. to break down a required task into a series of discrete process steps
Correct answer: B
Question 10
Which tool best describes how a business generates revenue and delivers value to its customers?
  1. business model canvas
  2. sales and marketing plan
  3. balanced scorecard
  4. business motivation model
Correct answer: A

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