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Exam Collaboration SaaS
Number 700-680
File Name Collaboration SaaS.testking.700-680.2020-03-13.1e.24q.vcex
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Posted March 13, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which applications can be created on Webex Teams developer portal?

  • A: Adapters and AppTies
  • B: Java and Python programs
  • C: Pages and Snapins
  • D: Integrations and Bots

Question 2
Which two endpoints allow for whiteboarding and annotating on the screen? (Choose two.)

  • A: Cisco Meeting Server 2000
  • B: Cisco IP Phone
  • C: DX 80
  • D: Cisco IP Conference Phone
  • E: Webex Board

Question 3
Which two services are delivered in Webex Edge? (Choose two.)

  • A: Webex Edge Management
  • B: Cisco dCloud
  • C: Webex Edge Audio
  • D: Webex Edge Touch Ten
  • E: Webex Edge Connect

Question 4
Which key benefit of Webex Teams collaboration is valid?

  • A: Only the moderator of a space is able to use important meeting features
  • B: Replaces the need for a firewall appliance
  • C: Webex Teams does not support API’s or SDK’s
  • D: Integrates persistent context chats, file sharing, and whiteboarding

Question 5
What are the two management views for Control Hub?

  • A: Customer and Partner views
  • B: Customer has two management views
  • C: Cisco and Salesforce
  • D: Partner has two management views

Question 6
Which action for Cisco Proximity is valid?

  • A: Pair to a nearby Cisco room device and wirelessly share content to the meeting
  • B: Determine which attendee would be the most effective presenter based on latency
  • C: Pair to the room lightning system through infrared
  • D: Locate the attendees based on network IP address

Question 7
How long can a Team Space persist?

  • A: 1 year
  • B: 60 days
  • C: as long as needed
  • D: disappears every day

Question 8
Which benefit does Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) provide for partners?

  • A: quote and transact orders for both traditional resale and subscription and annuity orders
  • B: quote and order resale product only
  • C: order only resale and subscription or annuity offers
  • D: ordering tool for Distributors only

Question 9
Which two features are available in the Cisco Webex Web App? (Choose two.)

  • A: Webex App only works on desktop devices
  • B: Has to be redownloaded every time you attend a meeting
  • C: Available to Chrome Browsers Only
  • D: Ability to share screens or specific applications
  • E: Centralized meeting controls like chat and Q&A

Question 10
Which statement best describes Webex Edge Audio?

  • A: Webex Edge Audio uses the existing Cisco UCM and Expressway products to pass the audio traffic over the Internet to the Webex meeting.
  • B: Webex Edge Audio only works with ISDN lines.
  • C: Webex Edge Audio requires Webex Edge Video Mesh to function correctly.
  • D: Webex Audio is limited to 10 participants.


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