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Exam Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Systems Engineer Exam
Number 700-303
File Name Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Systems Engineer test.Exam-Files-com.700-303.v41-2.2016-01-12.1e.21q.vcex
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Posted January 12, 2016
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two statements are correct about Cisco Validated Design or CVD? (Choose two)

  • A: CVD consists of systems and solutions that are designed tested and documented to facilitate and improve customer deployments
  • B: CVD is a prescriptive, scalable, flexible design to quickly deploy a full-service network.
  • C: CVD gets the design working the first time by using validated configurations and topologies.
  • D: CVD implementations are mainly partner-led
  • E: CVD consists of three primary modular yet interdependent components

Question 2
Which is a software feature available in Cisco IOS Software recommended to be positioned at the network access layer?

  • A: Flow Metadata
  • B: Media Services Proxy
  • C: NBAR2
  • D: Mediatrace

Question 3
In which wireless deployment mode is no wireless controller used?

  • A: Autonomous
  • B: FlexConnect
  • C: Centralized
  • D: Converged Access

Question 4
Which high availability design consideration produces savings by reducing the number of power supplies required per switch and the number of outlets required in the wiring close?

  • A: StackPower
  • B: Spanning VLANs
  • C: QoS
  • D: Gateway redundancy

Question 5
The concern of one of your customers is, "How do I quickly isolate and resolve application performance problems with the Cisco ISR-AX solution?" Which feature of the Cisco solution is a response to this query?

  • A: With the Cisco solution, you can reduce Application Latency by accelerating applications with full optimization across the WAN
  • B: With the Cisco solution, you can gain Visibility into encrypted wireless traffic
  • C: With the Cisco solution, you can provide application visibility to 1000+ applications with metrics such as Application Response Time, Jitter and bandwidth
  • D: The Cisco solution provides WAN optimization for every size site

Question 6
Which is a feature of Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client?

  • A: Is available across the broadest set of platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS X. Linux. iOS Android, and more
  • B: Analyzes every Web request to determine if content is malicious inappropriate or acceptable based on the defined security policy
  • C: Provides superior connectivity features by giving administrators the ability to control which networks or resources endpoints are able to connect to
  • D: Offers a comprehensive suite of powerful security features except VPN access features

Question 7
One of your customers is looking for small deployments especially in high-usage areas of their network While all of the following hold true for Cisco Medianet which is a point to highlight so that your customer is encouraged to buy our solution'?

  • A: Cisco Medianet is designed to work with third-party end points
  • B: Cisco Medianet can co-exist with legacy network elements
  • C: Cisco Medianet provides greater visibility and granularity
  • D: Cisco Medianet can be deployed in phases allowing customers to realize benefits quickly

Question 8
Which advanced WAN optimization functionality is provided by WAAS?

  • A: Application-specific acceleration
  • B: Optimum resource usage
  • C: Visualization platform
  • D: Automatic route optimization

Question 9
In designing a BYOD solution, which implementation is based on extending traditional guest wireless access and providing similar guest-like wireless access for employee personal devices'?

  • A: Enhanced
  • B: Limited
  • C: Basic
  • D: Advanced

Question 10
What is the first step in implementing Cisco EnergyWise?

  • A: Reduce consumption by optimizing power delivery policies
  • B: Analyze data to make decisions on cost-saving policy actions
  • C: Measure how much power is being consumed by each device on the network
  • D: Show cost savings


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